Zamy Steynovitz was born in 1951 and raised in Liegnitz Poland. He immigrated with his family at a relatively young age in 1957 just after he was awarded a Polish national prize in childrens art. In Israelhis passion for art was not ignored and after the completing of his general education he was enrolled first in the Art School in Tel-Aviv and then at the Royal Academy in London. School could only take his art so far though and Steynovitz found his true inspiration when he visited South America in the early 1980s. The vibrant culture and colors inspired him to saturate his color palette in order to reflect the joy and light he found in his travels. Heavily influenced by both his heritage and his travels his work reflected the joy in life and was recognized by the Nobel institute for Peace in Norway. Tragically, Steynovitz life was cut short by cancer in September of 2000.

zamy two parrot lovers
 Parrot Observing Lovers. Zamy Steynovitz. 18 x 13. Acrylic, 1997.