About Yvonne Skaggs 

Yvonne Skaggs is an artist who has done two-dimensional as well as three-dimensional works. With an education from University of Iowa School of Art and Art History and The Art Students League in New York, she has exhibited in numerous venues in New York and New Jersey. Over her career, she has done work in various areas, including producing maps, technical drawings, and designing and preparing exhibits for small history and art organizations. 

Over time, traditional artifacts have been destroyed by humanity and by nature; Skaggs considers what is meant by the preservation of objects, paintings, and other artifacts. With abstracted still life images, Skaggs reflects on the definition of style and culture, and what objects we save to record our time. Using a variety of materials – such as magazines, newspapers, her photographs, and paper and fabric that she has textured and colored – Skaggs uses collage to reassemble elements to build new images. 

New Brunswick Art Salon 2020: “Life Distilled”

Email: j.y.skaggs@gmail.com