William Oliwa is a New Jersey based artist, who exhibits throughout the tri-state area.  Oliwa has formed a tight bond with fellow New Jersey galleries, for numerous reason.  They are close to his home, which allows him to have a voice and be an active member of this culturally diverse pool of artists. Not green to this artist community, he received his BFA from Kean University in 1999 and his MFA from The University of the Arts in 2007.

Communication and collaboration are important things to Oliwa, that reflects in his work.  Inspired by inventor Samuel Morse, Oliwa wished to created an innovative work, that breaks the convention of the passive spectator.  These works encourage the viewer, or rather the participant, to interact directly with them.  Visitors leave with a multi-sensory
experience as Oliwa incorporates sound into his aesthetically pleasing pieces.  Through these works, Oliwa wishes to examine today’s ideas of communication through the use of modern technology.


Woof and Warp, Rupert Ravens Nexxt, Paterson, NJ

Industrialism, Dolphin Gallery, Paterson, NJ


Intersection, Index Art Center, Newark, NJ

MetroShow 29, City Without Wall, Newark, NJ


Filimidea, Index Art Center, Newark, NJ

Animation Festival, Rahway Arts Guild, Rahway, NJ


CryptoZoolgy, Index Art Center, Newark, NJ


Theater Town, NJIT Gallery, Newark, NJ

Rock Dreams, Index Art Center, Newark, NJ


Communication Architecture, The Milk Depot, Philadelphia, PA

Westinghouse, NJIT gallery, Newark, NJ


String Theory, Red Saw Gallery, Newark, NJ

Black Rock, Gallery Affero 73, Newark, NJ