About Wayne Freitag

This is a sampling of what I do, which is a little bit of everything; Landscapes, Figures, Abstracts. Some of these pieces were displayed in three separate shows (about 60 pieces) in New Hope, Hopewell and Doylestown, PA.

  • Graduated Pratt Institute (B.F.A.) 
  • Professional artist showing mostly in New Hope/Lambertville, Hopewell, Princeton, Easton etc. etc. 
  • Member of the New Hope Beat Poets Society 

Artists Statement

I paint with my heart and my guts and I ask it to be viewed the same way. My canvas’ commit sins and they ask not your forgiveness. They live on their own terms. I want to thrust what power I have on to the canvas and have it reflect upon and empower the viewer. I want people to find themselves open to new opportunities and embracing that moment of discovery. There is no greater satisfaction for me than making an artistic connection with those that buy my paintings.

Email: waynefreitag@yahoo.com

Website: waynefreitagart.com

Artist Interview