About Vanessa Rowan Whitfield

Vanessa Rowan Whitfield is an artist who works with a variety of media – she is a writer, a painter, a builder and a photographer. Whitfield owes much of her inspiration to the study of the natural world: a student of botany and biology, she styles her shots after nature photos from old scientific textbooks. She has also spent a great deal of time in nature itself, often embarking on excursions to the forested mountains of Pennsylvania, where many of her photos were captured. 

One particular aspect of nature that Whitfield focuses on is the magic or mystery inherent to all natural processes, especially the transformative effects of cyclical change. The inevitable transition from birth to death, the constant revolution of the seasons, and the fractal geometry that emerges from organic forms are examples of the mystical movements generated by nature’s intricate and arcane design. By recording these themes through the lens of photography, Whitfield grants us the chance to reflect upon our own relationships to nature’s magic and how it influences our own lives. 


Artist Personal Website: vanessanthemum.wixsite.com


Email:  vanessanthmum@gmail.com

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