About Undress God

Undress God is from Wayne, New Jersey and attended Bergen Community College from 2006-2009. He was Vice President of the BCC Art Club and held 2 solo exhibitions entitled “That Artshow” in 2012. 

The vibrancy and passion of Undress God’s body of work is drawn from the artist’s numerous life experiences. His forays into international travel and interactions with various cultures helped the artist to forge an artistic identity and style steeped in the raw power of language and anchored by mankind’s penchant for conveying complex ideas and emotions through simple words and mantras. His process utilizes themes of time, emotion, space, feelings, oneness with God, and the creation of life rendering every iota of his creative dedication a moment of bliss shown through his art. For Undress God, this bliss is indicative of the connection with God that he feels while he creates his artwork, evidence of a spiritual sixth sense which he utilizes wholeheartedly and to sublime effect. Anything Undress God touches, sees, hears, or smells can contribute to his process. The energy of the situations he finds himself also lend fuel to his creative fire. Immersing himself in the agony of misfortune or the ecstasy of bliss immerses Undress God in the ideal spiritual state for portraying the visions that he desires. Employing mediums from acrylic to oil paint, Undress God produces everything his eyes hunger for be they pop art, modern art, or the abstract and uncategorizable. His featured body of work displays a litany of glass surfaces adorned with bright fluorescent hues and wondrous textures. Displaying passionately painted words and mantras evoking complex feelings and various states of existential bliss and anguish, these works are the result of a codification of Undress God’s aforementioned facets of inspiration made manifest by the potency of his very spirit. By bringing viewers closer to their personal God, Undress God lives up to his namesake.