About Tricia Miho

Tricia Miho is an Argentinian, self-taught artist who was destined to be an artist from birth. Her family is filled with talented artists and craftsmen, and her grandfather was even an esteemed Italian jewelry designer. She received a formal education in music with a Baccalaureate degree along with a Master’s in Law and Social Sciences, along with received British Royal Academies awards in painting, watercolor and drawing. Her work was characterized by an inimitable artistic style influenced by the surrealist visions of Giorgio De Chirico, and the detail-rich cityscapes depicted by Pieter Bruegel. Miho currently resides in the United States, is regularly featured in exhibitions, and has been experimenting with photography as a means of manipulating and creating new ideas.



New Brunswick Art Salon 2022 – Watercolor  and Mixed Media: “After the Charm: In the Name of Autumn”


New Brunswick Art Salon 2018 – Oil and Mixed Media: “An Expanse of Expressionism”

New Brunswick Art Salon 2021-Photography: “Shifted Nature”

Artist Personal Website: www.triciamiho.com  

Artist Email: tricia.miho@gmail.com  

Artist Statement 

I am self-taught visual artist from Argentina with formal training as graphic designer, music and Law. Undoubtedly the art talents run in the family affairs since my grandfather was a famous Italian jewelry designer. Since earlier age I decided to study in different schools of art expression and techniques in particular in the drawing technique automatism and also in the lineal school of drawing working architectural perspectives. I reside and work in the United States with an active trajectory in individual and collective shows with awards. Always Actively searching to learn new skills, I attended master painters’ workshop to gain new outlets of expression in the human body shapes, taking live model fast sketches pose. Starting with the “Humanoids” series my trajectory took off as visual artist. The semi human figures on painting and drawing were the pivotal point and peak in my career, where I was awarded by the three British Royal Academies in painting, water color and drawing from London. As a parallel medium of expression, I used photography starting with SRL cameras, then digital and lately cell phone camera with visual manipulation in Lightroom and Adobe. Photography is another canvas extension to manifest social and cultural expressions. I have numerous exhibitions, awards, special mention awards in multimedia, drawings, painting and photography with reviews from Japan, USA, South America and Europe.”  



2022 Blank Wall Gallery, “Black and White Art Photography”, Athens, Greece. Europe

2021 Alfa Art Gallery, “Shifted Natured” New Brunswick, NJ. USA

2021 Festival Art of Chania, Greece. Europe

2021 Blank Wall Gallery, “Fine Art Photography”, Athens, Greece. Europe

2020 Blank Wall Gallery, Athens, Greece, Europe 

2019 Blank Wall Gallery, Athens, Greece, Europe 

2019 Smithsonian Magazine, selective finalist artist for open call Magazine special edition.

2019 Blank Wall Gallery, “Streets”, Athens, Greece, Europe 

2019 Festival Art of Chania, Greece, Europe 

2019 Gallery Emerging Artists, “Abstrakts” Saugerties. NY 

2018 Alfa Gallery, Group Show, New Brunswick, NJ 

2018 Gallery U, “Light”, Westfield, NJ 

2017 Gallery U, “The Grass is Greener”, Westfield, NJ 

2017 Luxembourg Art Prize participation. 

2017 Gallery U, Everyday: People and Things. Westfield. NJ 

2017 Spring Blooms Show. Arts Center, Cranford NJ 

2017 Monmouth Museum. Minatare Big Art, Lincroft NJ 

2016 Gallery U. Itty Bitty Show. Westfield. NJ 

2015 Gallery U. Pequenos Show. Westfield. NJ 

2015 Gallery U. Fotographia Show. Westfield. NJ 

2015 Gallery U. Piccolo Show. Westfield. NJ 

2015 Gallery U. Real Show. Westfield. NJ  

2013 Gallery U. Small Works Show. Westfield NJ 

2012 Flagger Gallery. Palm Beach. Florida 

2011 Flagger Gallery. Palm Beach. Florida 

2010 Pusan International Photography Show. Korea 


1993 – 2010  


1992 Annual Photography & Sculpture Exhibition. Salmagundi. New York. NY  

1992 Small Woks. 16th Annual Show. Washington East Galleries. New York, NY  

1991 Annual Photography & Sculpture Exhibition. Salmagundi. New York. NY  

1991 Group Show. Emerging Collector Gallery. New York. NY  

1991 Miniature Art. Dell Bello Gallery. Toronto. Canada 

1990 Annual Photography & Sculpture Exhibition. Salmagundi. New York. NY 

1989 ACCA. International Competition. Miami Florida 

1988 Solo Show. Sands Gallery. Isla Verde. Puerto Rico 

1987 Group Show. The Center of Arts and Communications. Buenos Aires. Argentina 

1987 Group Show. Emerging Collector. New York. NY 

1987 AMERICANOS. Group Show. Cork Gallery. New York 

1986 One Woman Show. Terra Artis Gallery. New York. NY 

1986 Permanent Exhibition Argentine Art. Consulate of Argentina. New York. NY 1985 Representative artist for Argentina. Hispanic World Fair. New York. NY 

1985 Three Argentinians in New York Show. New York. NY 

1984 Group Show Centro Cultural Buenos Aires. Argentina 

1983 Group Show. Centro Cultural San Martin. Buenos Aires. Argentina 

1983 Group Show. Asociacion Estimulo de Bellas Artes. Argentina 

1981 Group Show. Competition Ward School. Buenos Aires. Argentina. 

1980 Competition. Municipality of Sarmiento. Buenos Aires. Argentina 

1980 UNESCO. Group Show. Buenos Aires. Argentina 

1978 Group Show. Municipality of San Isidro. Buenos Aires. Argentina.  


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2016 Artist Registered at “Art in US Embassies”. USA 

1992 Honorable Mention. Small Works. Washington East Galleries, New York. NY 

1982 Second Prize. Plastics Arts. Universidad de Buenos Aires. Argentina 

1981 Second Prize. International Artist in Watercolor. Competition sponsored by Mall Galleries. London England  

1980 Special Mention. Oil Paintings Competition Sponsored by Ward School. Buenos Aires. Argentina 

1978 Second Prize. Plastics Arts Competition. Sponsored by the Cultural Department of Arts. Universidad de Buenos Aires  

Artist Interview