About Tara LeGall

Since Tara was a little girl she would sketch, color, and paint everything she could. Art was how she expressed herself. Over time she became more interested in photography. Taking pictures of everything and anything that inspired her. As she got older she focused on fashion and devoted time to studying the industry. She worked for major retailers such as Nike, Topshop, and Forever 21 while still doing freelance work on the side.  Tara went from doing photography, to styling, back to retail, and then to graphic design. After a while Tara took a break to find her real passion again. She began experimenting to get a feel of what she wanted do and over time began creating more and more. And now she is beyond happy to capture moments, create art, and express her soul through her artwork.



Savannah College of Art & Design

Bachelor’s of Fine Arts in Fashion marketing 2011


Work Experience:

Ambassador at the MET                2018-Present

One Connection Meet & Greet     2018 Artist

Commissioned to do paintings for Caribbean Taste Restaurant    2016 Artist

Visual Manager at Nike                  2014-2016

Freelance photographer and painter    2014-Present





Adobe Photoshop



Microsoft Word


Digital Photography



Artist Statement

                 As an artist I want to create works that are an extension of my culture, beliefs, and environment. I connect who am I am with each painting I create. My style of work is sometimes Abstract, but also Contemporary. It draws inspiration from Fauvism, Expressionism, and Pop Art. I work with a combination of styles because I believe in mixing who we are with what we do. I believe we are all a combination of different styles and that is what I want to present.


Phone: 908-463-5906

Artist Website: www.tarapatrice.com

Email: tarapatricephotos@gmail.com