About Susan Winter

“Life is an extraordinary journey, and my goal is to put it on canvas.” Susan Winter offers an eclectic approach to her painting. Her work has often been compared to the “California Impressionists” with its bright palette and bold brush strokes. Susan incredibly hones her love for color and light. She is able to capture the image of her subject with lots of pigment and vibrancy. Susan is able to achieve this notion in pastels, oils and her latest venture, collage. The soft colors and balanced composition really unify and feed off of a transcendent portrayal.

Artist’s Statement

Every painting should start with an idea, a point of inspiration. Just as an arrangement of words can be a beautiful poem or just a grocery list, a painting can be a lyrical arrangement of forms and color or just a picture of painted things. So, how do we find the point of inspiration and learn to paint ideas instead of things? The point of inspiration is a visual idea. Simply put, it is the thing that inspires you to paint a particular scene. For example, imagine you are standing at the edge of a field. It is late afternoon, and the field takes on an orange glow, accented by violet cast shadows from the surrounding trees. The sun is low in the sky. The scene is set. See it with your eyes closed and PAINT. Visualize the feeling and the tune of this melody.

From Top Left to Bottom Right: Golden Earrings Collage/oil of Flapper 16’H 12’W, Autumn Wind 16×12, Planting a Tree 11×14, African Prince 20×16, Autumn Fairy. collage/oil, 14″H X 11″W, Two Faced Collage/oil 16×12