Steve Cote is from Ocean Township, New Jersey. He has been painting since he was 15 years old. He has an Associates degree in graphic design from Brookdale Community College. While he was there he painted and ran his own clothing brand that was sold both online and in stores. He has exhibited in group shows as well as solo shows in galleries in New Jersey, Brooklyn, and Manhattan. He has won a few awards for his paintings over the years and helped put together a pop-up gallery in Long Branch, New Jersey. 

Artist Statement

I’m a 24 year old artist from Ocean Township, NJ. I work in mixed media on paper. I started painting when I was 15. My paintings are portrayals of real – life situations using implied line and a quick execution, accompanied by phrases full of sarcasm, irony and, a dark sense of humor. I like to work as quickly as possible and I finish each painting in the same sitting as when I begin them. My paintings, in my opinion, tend to look kind of ”dirty” and that’s mostly because of how quick I like to work and because I mix the colors and apply them with my hand instead of a paintbrush. I really enjoy wordplay and that’s my main focus when I make a new quote for my next painting. If one of my paintings can make someone look at a particular situation differently, or just make them laugh, then I feel like I have executed my idea properly.