Scott Wright 

Artist Statement 

In my paintings I explore our relationship with the land by comparing and contrasting timeless natural cycles such as weather with human technologies and the footprint we make with our industry and patterns of habitation. Computer glitches juxtaposed with sunlight on cirrus clouds, satellite weather radar accompanying painterly surfaces, and QR code matrices superimposed over aerial grids of our towns and cities name just a few of the unusual pairings I have focused on in my artwork.
Weather is an important theme as it now serves as a gage for witnessing our interference with natural planetary cycles. Also important is the double edge of “progress” itself. My painting entitled “Subdivision” references contemporary society’s preoccupation with technology and the blurring of boundaries between the “virtual” and material worlds we presently inhabit and psychically straddle. It features a QR barcode that literally translates into the word– subdivision, a direct reference to the codification and commodification of everything we touch from grass seed to dimensional lumber.
In my most recent work I have been fascinated by a sense of nostalgia for a healthy planet. There is a fragility to the status-quo. This is especially true as we factor-in the planet’s limited resources such as clean water and energy, environmental degradation, and climate change. We have put great faith in technology to “save us” from the future we have set in motion. It will be interesting to see how this plays out.