MacNeill was born in Detroit in 1951. He studied at the famous Cass Technical High School in downtown Motown in the late 1960s. He then went to Brooklyn NY on a scholarship from Scholastic Publishers to study Graphic Design at Pratt Institute. Graduated with honors and entered the commercial workforce in 1974. Illustration work published in many, many Magazines, Newspapers and Books (including the NYTimes, Newsweek, Time-Life, Ms. Family Circle, Travel+Leisure and countless others. ! Moved to Lambertville in 1987 and continued working for many publishers around the globe. Started doing fine art for pleasure and to do work that wasnʼt computer oriented. Shown at the Lambertville Historical Society Shows, Prallsville Mills and the Phillips Mill show. Other smaller shows have taken place at local restaurants and friendʼs spaces.

Artist Statement 

These drawings were created in Graphite and colored pencil on Arches paper. They are based upon original photographs taken by the artist. In using the classic grid method to transfer images, I’ve added the twist of keeping the grid squares obvious by varying the stroke direction of the drawing from square to square, as well as not matching up the grid images precisely. This results in an image that looks very realistic at distance, but shatters into a mosaic at close up viewing. The alternating stroke directions also gives the surface a movement not unlike wind on tall grass. The frission of the realistic image with the moving textured surface creates an effect that I find visually exciting. This technique allows me to create art that is both “Classic” in image, and modern in its attitude.