About Sanford Drob

My narrative oil paintings address contemporary philosophical, theological, political and psychological themes.  These include the ethical and theological significance of the holocaust, the oppression of the feminine, the question of human mortality, and the existential threat to humanity posed by the destruction of the environment.  Several of my paintings utilize medieval and renaissance forms, such as the triptych, to create ironic iconswhich express the idea that under the guise of worshipping the divine human beings actually venerate brutality and destructiveness. 

I studied drawing and painting at the Grand Central Academy and in the atelier of Camie Salaz.
In addition to my work as an artist, hold doctoral degrees in philosophy (Boston University) and Clinical Psychology (Long Island University) and am the author of numerous books and essays on Kabbalah, the psychology of C.G. Jung and various topics in philosophy, theology and psychology. I am on the Clinical Psychology Faculty of Fielding Graduate Universitythe faculties of the C. G. Jung Institute and C. G. Jung Foundation  in New York City, and practice forensic psychology in New York City.

Artists Statement

I believe that narrative, representational art can continue to encourage dialog about important philosophical, theological, political and psychological questions, without abandoning the aesthetic function and technical skill of traditional drawing and painting. As a Jewish artist I am particularly interested in pursuing a representational artistic style because for centuries the traditional Jewish ban on graven images inhibited the production of realistic religious art from the Jewish point of view. My paintings often depict religious themes from a critical point of view, one reflects my own struggles with my spiritual identity and the fundamental questions of the value and meaning of life.





Artist Interview