Salvador Dali was born in Catalonia, Spain and would go on to become a prominent Spanish surrealist artist. Influenced by the Renaissance masters, Dali’s work often involves striking and bizarre interpretations of otherwise normal things. Dali was also inspired from various forms of art that ranged from classical to avant-garde. In his work, Dali used classical and modern techniques, which he would either combine or use separately on different works. Throughout his work Dali used extensive symbolism; some recurring images include clocks, ants, elephants, and eggs. Outside of painting Dali also uses various forms of expression including sculpture, theatre and film, and fashion and photography. Salvador Dali is considered to be an important artist in the surrealist movement and has made a great impact on the artists of today.

Dali grapes“Let Him Kiss Me” “Grapes”. Salvador Dali. Lithograph.