About Richard D. Herring 

Born in Queens, New York, Herring feels that he did not choose to do photography, but that the art of photography came to him and developed into a natural interest. With a background in the sciences, he did not have art training until relatively recently, when he became more involved in photography.  

New Brunswick Art Salon 2020 – Photography: Moments of Focus

In his five works displayed in Alfa Art Gallery, he shows the viewer impressions of Japan – the new and the old; the developed modern culture and the older Buddhist tradition. “Garan” showcases a traditional Buddhist temple compound against the bright green leaves of the surrounding trees, a contrast that draws the viewer in to examine all the intricate details of the temple compound. 

Email: rdherring5@gmail.com

Artist Statement

Visual scenes sometimes speak to me, especially those that are part of an intentional aesthetic setting, such as architecture, sculpture, or displays of visual art.  

I did not select photography, but it enrolled me by itself, overpowering my slim defenses of common sense, limited revenues, and entreaties by friends to “… come along now. You’ve already taken several pictures of that darned thing already.”  


Individual Exhibitions 

  • 2010
    • Art All Night, Artworks – Historic Roebling Building, Trenton, NJ 
    • ETS Juried Photographic Show, Educational Testing Service, Princeton, NJ
  • 1995
    • Inaugural Group Show – Middletown Township Library Artspace, Middletown, NJ
    • Monmouth County Park System Sponsored Group Show, Lincroft, NJ 

Artist Interview