About Plamen Petrov

Plamen Petrov is an accomplished research scientist with diverse interests. His enchantment with photography goes back to the early 1990’s when he toured Europe with a traditional SLR camera and captured sites from Rome, Milan, Lake Come, Barcelona, and Florence, while photography captured his imagination. A computer wiz and a fan of the digital arts, Plamen rediscovered digital photography in 2015, focusing on creative, while realistic depiction of nature, architecture, and portraiture. His work reflects on sensuality, mystery, and the yearning of the soul for beauty and enlightenment.

As a self-proclaimed computer wizard and a fan of the arts, Petrov rediscovered digital photography in recent years, focusing on a creative but realistic depiction of nature, architecture and portraiture. His work reflects on sensuality, mystery and the yearning of the soul for beauty and enlightenment. 

Petrov’s photos featured in this exhibition display a level of intimacy and sensuality rarely encountered in the exploits of daily life: devoid of most forms of clothing or concealment, the models in these photographs reveal themselves completely while projecting an aura of mystery around themselves. No longer confined, their bodies freely express themselves. However, without the context of adornments for us to interpret, we are left with figures that, while nearly naked, remain elusive. 

1995 BA in Computer Science, University of Central Florida, Orlando, FL

2001 PhD in Computer Science, New Jersey Institute of Technology, Newark, NJ


Artists Statement

I fell in love with photography early in my life, although I did not have the guts to pursue it more than just as a hobby. As unlikely as it may be for a technologist by trade, I have always kindled a creative soul–runs in my family.

My relatively recent deep dive into the world of art photography is an outlet for years of pent up energy and desire. I identify best with a quote by Alfred Eisenstaedt:

“It is more important to click with people than to click the shutter.”

Photography stretches my comfort zone and forces me to seek out the emotional response in and by my subjects, be that human beings, nature, or architecture. I wish to impart the sensation of those interactions to my audience and, hopefully, inspire other hidden talent to dare to discover themselves.



Artist Personal Website: www.instagram.com/plamensview

Email: plamen.v.petrov@gmail.com