About Peichi Waite

Peichi Waite is an emerging fine art photographer based in Highland Park, NJ. She received her foundational art training from Cooper Union and NY Studio School, then took many workshops and classes over the years. She started exploring exhibition opportunities in Spring of 2022.

Artist Statement

“Peichi Waite is based in Highland Park, NJ, but lived in ten cities prior. The physical, emotional, and spiritual displacement inherent in such migration pushed her to explore new ways of framing the sacredness of a place’s beauty and the consequential weight it holds in healing both individuals and communities. As an artist with a background in education and sociology, she peruses historical documents, maps, and artifacts to get a feel for a location’s past, spends many hours walking its streets with intentional sensitivity and openness, and photographs spots where the weight of lament or healing feels particularly pronounced.”

-Peichi Waite

2023 New Brunswick Art Salon — Photography Exhibition: “Refracted: Shade and Light


  • Windows for Understanding: creating a large-scale, fine-art photograph for REPLENISH, to be displayed in a window in downtown New Brunswick, NJ (in progress, Dec.2022)
  • Highland Park Arts Commission: photograph selected for the month of Marchin their 2023 calendar, with proceeds going to support community arts activities (Oct.2022)
  • NJ TRANSIT TRANSITional Art: five large-scale, fine-art photography panels installed on the ceiling of the New Brunswick train station, with backing form NJ TRANSIT, NJ State Council on the Arts and the Arts Institute of Middlesex County (Sep-Nov.2022)
  • Galerie Westerhoff: two photographs exhibition (August 2022)
  • Princeton University Art Museum: four fine-art, short video responding to their ‘Screen Time’ exhibit selected and shown at Art on Hulfish (July 2022)
  • Picture Middlesex County: 3rd place Spring photography winner (July 2022)
  • Musica: photography selected for a scene in a 2023 Amazon Studios movie (June 2022)

Artist Website: https://imaginationstationhp.wixsite.com/thephotowalk

Contact: peichiwaite@yahoo.com;