About Paul Marvuglio 

A retired chemist, Paul Marvuglio had an interest in photography for decades – stemming from taking photos to send back to his family. In 1971, he became more serious about the art, and he has experience in both darkrooms and digital photography. Marvuglio has a preference for black and white photographs, and his work is said to be more traditional or classical. Recently, he’s become more drawn to urban photography.  Without color, the viewer can focus on the architecture of the streets, and their values, textures, and shapes. “Rainy Day” features a rainy walk down a street featuring not only the unique shapes of an out of the way shopping center, but also showcases the timelessness of people carrying on with their days in spite of inclement weather. 

New Brunswick Art Salon 2020 – Photography: Moments of Focus

The oldest image is that of the “Victor Emmanuel Monument in Rome.” It started life as a Kodachrome slide in 1965 which was converted recently to a black and white digital image. The detail lost in the bright white of the limestone facade in the slide becomes apparent when viewed as a black and white image. The dark clouds bring an urgency to the group climbing the stairs.

The most recent image “Rainy Day” was taken in Strasbourg, taken for the emptiness of the shopping street. The detail at the end of the street and the hanging planters, originally the focus of the image becomes of the secondary interest. The woman walking with the umbrella becomes the focal point of the picture.

The image “Rue de Montpensier, Paris,” was initially taken for the cafes at the end of the street. The focal point was to be the “Charles De Gaul” looking cook in front of the Pizza shop. The bar next door is full while the pizza shop is empty, this creates a sense of melancholy when viewing the image.

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Email: Pmarvuglio@comcast.net 

Artist Statement

I am by education and training a chemist. A consultant to the ink, textile, and coatings industries in the use of pigments and dyestuffs in coloring a variety of materials. The images chosen for this exhibit were selected from the many taken during visits to several European cities: Paris, Strasbourg, and Rome. They are related since they all classify as architectural street photography. The use of black and white imaging was used for its unifying effect, particularly when photographing the architecture of old cities, allowing the focusing on the visual elements: tonal variations. textures, and shapes without the distraction of color. My photographic interests are in landscape and architectural photography and the creation of “watercolour paintings” from photographs.


Individual Exhibitions 

  • 2015 
    • Hillsborough Art and Culture Exhibit; Honorable Mention
  • 2014
    • Artists Framer
    • Gallery 14; Juried
    • Sussex Community College
  • 2013
    • Hillsborough Art and Culture Exhibit; 2013 Third Place & Honorable Mention
    • Old York Cellars
  • 2012
    • Hillsborough Art and Culture Exhibit; 2012 Second Place
  • 2009
    • Gallery 125 Juried Exhibits; Fall 2009
  • 2008
    • General Health Care 
    • Grounds for Sculpture; Juried
    • Morristown Art Center; “Colorific”; Invited 
    • Phillips Mill; Juried 
  • 2007
    • Duo Dolce Bakery; Solo Exhibit
    • Gallery 125 Juried Exhibits; Winter 2007, Summer 2007, Fall 2007
    • Montgomery House 
    • Princeton Alliance Church 
    • Straube Center; “Digital Images”; Juried 
  • 2006
    • Digital Arts Exhibit New Providence
    • General Health Care
    • Hillsborough Art and Culture Exhibit; Judges Choice
    • Hillsborough Library Solo Show
    • Montgomery House 
    • Princeton Alliance Church 
    • Princeton Medical Center 
  • 2005
    • Hillsborough Art and Culture Exhibit; First Place: Black & White
    • Wachung Art Center Exhibit; Juried 
  • 2004
    • Hillsborough Library Solo Show 
  • 1992
    • Huls America Calendar; Single Image; “Tower Bridge”


  • Paris en Nori & Blanc 
  • Saint Mary of Ostrabrama Church 
  • Watercolour, Photograph to Painting
  • Maine Along the Side of the Road
  • Waterville and Wiscasset & Farmington Railroad