Patricia Millen was born and raised in Northern New Jersey. She received her Bachelor of Arts in Education from Pennsylvania State University, and later a MA in counseling from Biblical Theological Seminary. Pat is an emerging artist who decided to pursue her love for oil painting later in life after raising four children with her husband of over 30 years, Matt.


Living in the rich artistic region of Bucks County, Pennsylvania, she discovered painting in the style of the 17th Century Dutch masters, which inspired her to seek out oil painting instruction reminiscent of these artists. In 2009, she began studying classically inspired still imagery under the guidance of modern day master Frank Arcuri. This technique draws from the ‘Old Masters’ style of chiaroscuro painting, characterized by dark backgrounds with an emphasis on light.


In 2011, Pat developed Tetelesti Creations to produce beautiful customized works of art for her clients. Through the sale of her art, she is able to support She’s My Sister, an initiative of The American Bible Society that provides Scripture based trauma care to women and children who have survived violence and abuse in the Great Lakes region of Africa. This initiative is also networking with other organizations that provide assistance to survivors of trauma and together they are raising the awareness of this need.  


Artist’s Statement:

Life experience has taught me that there is a creative need in all of us to bring something beautiful into being that did not exist before. Dwelling in every human heart is a compelling desire to not merely create, but to communicate with that creation through their God-given talents. Oil painting has become this means by which I can express, interpret, and re- create the beauty around me.


My still life works are composed of vintage objects from the past, often including the natural beauty of flowers or rich hued fruits. The charm of still life painting lies in its ability to show us a new way of looking at the seemingly ordinary objects around us. I enjoy using my artistry to transform these deceptively typical objects so that their existence and beauty becomes recorded in time and appreciated in a new light.


The objects chosen for my paintings often have a special meaning, either on a personal, cultural, religious or philosophical level. My hope is that the theme surrounding the artwork will provoke introspection, reflection, and communicate something the viewer can identify and mindfully interact with.

As a new artist, I have found the discipline of oil painting to be a way of training in technique and honing my skills. I love using oil paint as my medium because of its versatility and longevity.  The artist can make an oil painting appear to be a watercolor, pastel, or increase the thickness of the paint to one’s preference. The diversity of the medium is endless!

I believe art is meant to be shared and is the ultimate expression of the heart. In art, there are always two audiences; one horizontal and one vertical. My inspiration is birthed from this vertical audience of the One who has created all things beautiful for our pleasure. It has been written that we are all part of His creation reflecting His image and creativity. As an oil painter, I have been endowed with a gift to re-create using the canvas as a spiritual language to declare God’s beauty and share it with others.Vintage_Peonies_14x18