About Orna Greenberg

Pink Grapefruit

Orna Greenberg is a still life and Plein air artist living in New Jersey. In 2022, her work was displayed in Farm to Table, Beacon NY, Variations, Marblehead MA, the AD Art Show at the Oculus, World Trade Center, NYC, The Oil Painters of America 31st Juried Exhibition, Steamboat Springs CO, and Allied Artists of America 109th Annual Exhibition. She will have a solo show In November at the Lippman Art Gallery, NJ.

Orna also had work featured in Circle Quarterly Art Review Magazine in issue 8-August 2022. Orna studied Graphic Design at Tyler School of Art, Temple University, Philadelphia PA. 

New Brunswick Art Salon – Watercolor and Mixed Media ” After the Charm: In the Name of Autumn” Exhibition

Artist Statement

“I am attracted to the everyday, the mundane and the utile. These objects have stories to extract and interpret which I find satisfyingly challenging to depict. Industry is a series devoted to the structures that comprise our infrastructure; the barns, cement and power plants and deserted industrial buildings that hunker down by our highways. There is an aura of melancholic beauty that beckons to me. 

My goal is to capture and celebrate the monumental shapes with their patina of time and usage. I paint on a large scale with a mixture of watercolor and gouache laid down in thin drippy layers to capture the atmosphere and aura surrounding these buildings. I build up the layers of gouache, alternating between using a 2- or 3-inch-wide brush and spattering paint to achieve texture and sense of movement. 

In my series, From the Earth, I share my love of the products of the land by painting larger-than-life portraits of fruits and vegetables. The variety of color and texture is luscious and decadent like the silks, lace and brocaded fabrics worn in a medieval court. I paint directly without sketching in order to retain a sense of spontaneity and exuberance. Using mixtures of gouache and watercolor allows me to depict the smooth, shiny surfaces of some vegetables as well as the rococo frilliness of leaves. “

– Orna Greenberg

Artist Website: https://www.ornagreenberg.com/

Artist Contact: orna.the.artist@verizon.net