About Nate Tuvera

Nathaniel “Nate” Tuvera is a born and raised New Jerseyan. Growing up, he wouldn’t be found behind or in front of a camera. He attended private schools and Rutgers University pursuing a degree in the sciences, which ultimately did not make him happy. He tried switching careers to programing (web development), which also did not work out so well. It did afford him the ability to buy his first camera and experiment with lenses. After being let go from his IT job, he took some time to reflect and follow an inkling in the back of his head. He wanted to capture something beautiful, whether it was landscapes, portraiture, or street photography.

Tuvera believes that the greatest power granted by photography is the ability to lead a viewer’s eye, isolating the foreground from the background and forcing one’s focus to a singular point. Just as our own experiences are defined by how we separate the subjects of our interest from the periphery, the visions viewed through the lenses of Tuvera’s camera direct our gaze to the aspects of the images that he wants to share with us the most.  

Many of his photos, including those featured in this exhibition, make permanent the brief moments of balance in the world that only exist for an instant before everything descends into discord. The perfect composition of his scenes reveal the intense concentration and the measured patience required for such superb timing. Now that he has developed his technical skills, Tuvera’s next endeavor is to master the art of storytelling. He seeks to express a detailed narrative through a single shot and spark an emotional response in those who view his work. 


Artists Statement

The power to draw a viewer’s eye to a subject and isolate the foreground from the background makes the most sense to him. It is how he sees the world, the peripheral is there, but in that moment the focus is what he wants to share. Having learned some technical skills, his next goal is to tell stories. His ultimate goal is take an image that resonates with the viewer, and hopefully resonates a feeling.

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