Painting has always been a huge part of Nancy Stella Galianos’s life. She has been involved in the arts since she was young, and has experimented with different styles over the years. Today, Galianos specializes in abstract expressionism. Her style can be seen through her use of basic colors and refined lines.

Nancy Stella Galianos wants the viewer to be entranced by her artwork.  As she states in her artist statement, “The canvas becomes a dance floor, with rhythmic movements of either a knife or a brush, the gestures of my strokes along with the acrylic paint becomes a dance”.  Indeed her paintings perform a waltz of colors, lines and shapes. The paintings show an organic and spontaneous frenzy that allows the viewer to become lost in thought. Within her paintings, the meaning becomes whatever the viewer wants the meaning to be.  Nancy Galianos also emphasizes the importance of perceived sound that resonates from her paintings. She was quoted as stating “I like to think that my art is like a sound we enjoy hearing and makes us feel happy”. One recalls Kandinsky, or Pollack when regarding her work. Her paintings are in a sense of symphony of lines and colors, all randomly, but at the same time systematically applied on a canvas.

Selected Solo Exhibitions:N.S.Galianos,mix media,artist page1

        2013  “The Odyssey of Color”, Agora Gallery, NY

        2010  “L’Espace”, Museum of Fine Arts of Mont-Saint-Hilaire, Quebec, Canada

Selected Group Exhbitions:

        2013  “Up-Surd”, New Century Artists Gallery, NY

        2012   “Antipode”, New Century Artists Gallery, NY       

        2010  “Symposium de Patriotes”, St. Eustache, Quebec, Canada

                  “Le Noir en Couleur”, Museum of Fine Arts of Mont-Saint-Hilaire, Quebec, Canada