Artist Statement

“My work focuses on loose, expressive brushwork and vivid colors to create an aesthetic of painting. The paintings are highly intimate cropped garden scenes which touch upon themes of tranquility, the passage of time, and mortality. I create scenes which can express intimate and isolated moments, meaning to be therapeutic and meditative. The interaction between nature and human-created artifacts and infrastructure in the paintings reflect on the relationship between civilization and the natural world. By pursuing compositions which are firm, the paintings allow the viewer to rest their eyes on the space. There remains a sense of movement within the painting through linear marks and focused, controlled composed space. The sketchy and painterly application of the paint along with the metaphorical themes help shape the purpose of image-making in contemporary society.”


Michael Athanasius Hanna grew up and spent many years in Jersey City, New Jersey and has been drawing and painting since the age of eight. He has exhibited extensively in the Northeastern United States and has been featured in large exhibition spaces such as the Victoria Gallery in Paterson, NJ and the Atrium Gallery in Morristown, NJ.  Notable shows include a solo exhibit in Chelsea at the Wix Gallery and a one year exhibit at Hogarth Worldwide in midtown Manhattan. Michael has been published by the New York Times, Hartford Courant, Daily Record, Jersey Journal, and other publications. His work has been written about by curators with his paintings being described by Anne Murray as a “reinstatement of painting as a force of action and reaction in contemporary society…a restorer, reawakening a painting as if it had long been in a state of slumber”. Michael works out of his historic artist studio located in Northern Georgia. 


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Solo Exhibitions:

Wix Lounge Gallery : Enchanted Physics. Chelsea, Manhattan. NYC. 2015
Victoria Gallery at Art Factory. Art Walk. Paterson, NJ 2015.
Power of Paper: Digital & Drawings. The Barrow Mansion. Jersey City, NJ. 2015
Town Hall of Hanover. Whippany, NJ. Linear Metamorphosis. 2015.
Trolley Car. Jersey City. Sobering Linearity. 2015.
Atrium Gallery. Arts Council of Morristown, NJ. 2014 – 2015.
West Hartford Library. Noah Webster Gallery. Industrial Planes. West Hartford, Ct. 2014-2015.
The Art Factory. Building Bridges. Paterson, NJ. 2014.


Close to Home NBAS Oil, Sculpture & Mixed Media. Alfa Art Gallery. New Brunswick, NJ. 2023.
L’Appel Du Vide : Oil Color & Mixed Media Salon. Alfa Art Gallery. New Brunswick, NJ. 2016.
Meaningful. Meaningless. Hogarth Biannual. Park Ave, Manhattan, NYC. 1 year exhibit. 2014-2015
Planes, Trains, and Automobiles, Oh My! Monmouth Museum. Lincroft, NJ. 2015.
Eternal Glory. City Hall of Jersey City. 2015.
Cyberpunk. 58 Gallery. Jersey City. 2015.
Artist House (June). Lincoln Inn. Jersey City. 2015.
Essentials. JR Taxation. Avanel, NJ. 2015.
Artist CoffeeHouse. Lincoln Inn. Jersey City. 2015.
Embrace. JR Taxation. Avenel, NJ. 2015.
Jersey Artist Registry: Exhibition #1. The Tides Art Gallery. Hotel Tides. Asbury Park, NJ. 2015.
Little Wonders. LITM Gallery. Jersey City. 2015.
My View. Maxwells. Hoboken, NJ. 2015.
Winter Blues. Maxwells. Hoboken, NJ. 2015.
The Seed. Chashama Gallery. Manhattan, NYC. 2014.
JCAI: Transcendental Downtown. The Park Foundry, Jersey City. 2014.
The Sight of Music. LITM Gallery. Jersey City. 2014.
Two-Person Exhibition. City Hall of Jersey City. 2014.
Raven Art Gallery & Boutique. Jersey City. 2014.
Chimeras. LITM Gallery. Jersey City. 2014.
Fall Grand Salon Show. Greenpoint Gallery. NYC. 2014.
People’s Choice Salon Show. Greenpoint Gallery. NYC. 2014.
Spring Juried Salon Show. Greenpoint Gallery. NYC. 2014.
Spring Grand Salon Show. Greenpoint Gallery. NYC. 2014.
The Collaboration. Nelvis Studios. Elizabeth, NJ. 2014.