Artist Statement

“My art is a culmination from a lifetime of training and experimentation, a style which I refer to as industrial planes. Planes, as in a different realm of reality which exist in parallel to our own and industrial in reference to the forms and structure found in my art. The key element in the paintings is tension from many variables, which in essence makes the work quite complex.

The shapes I choose are forms created to provoke an emotional response from the viewer. Shapes are implemented to create tension through harsh jagged lines but the composition is arranged to be harmonious and orderly, further enhancing the tension. Juxtaposition occurs with the contrast between dark, muted, and bright colors. There are three dimensional elements to forms but also areas that are deliberately flat to remind the viewer the work is not simply an illusion. The constant feeling of motion through irregular asymmetrical forms, linearity, rough brushwork, and texture leave impressions of a realm of great struggle and dynamic unique mystical physics. The collaboration of all the elements may leave the viewer with the interpretation of ambiguous mystery and controlled chaos.

In all formats of my art; paintings, experimental paintings, drawings, and digital, there is a theme of a cyberpunk culture. My experimental paintings with oil on steel, electronic components, and crystals, have an analysis of a deeply exotic, hi-tech future, in a state of social collapse. Which is why I specifically refer to these types of paintings as “cyberpunk”. The crude fusion of electronics, crystals, and steel with oil paint becomes metaphorical towards the integration of the synthetic to the natural, biology with technological nightmare and aesthetics. The crystals also being allegories towards a world increasingly ravenous towards the consumption of natural resources, whether it be lithium, petroleum, or perhaps even crystals. The exotic depictions of machinery and robotics integrated with its surroundings in the paintings further enhance the qualities of the tension between the natural and synthetic. The oil on canvas paintings also have elements of cyberpunk but also an integration of mystical and paranormal overtones. With emerging advanced technologies such as fusion, quantum computing, artificial intelligence, and biological engineering, I believe it is my role as an artist to address the age I live in.  As a world of ever increasing reliance on technology, the destabilization and collapse of nations from the Middle East to Ukraine, and the increasingly authoritarian and oligarchic structure of Western society. Along with providing perceptions as to the social reaction, context, and rebellion of our transition to an age of trans-humanism. Because of these complex issues, technologies, implied ramifications and assimilation, I make art which is complex and cerebral.”

Solo Exhibitions:

Wix Lounge Gallery : Enchanted Physics. Chelsea, Manhattan. NYC. 2015

Victoria Gallery : Take Your Breath Away. Art Walk. Art Factory. Paterson, NJ 2015.

The Barrow Mansion. Power of Paper: Digital & Drawings. Jersey City, NJ. 2015

Town Hall of Hanover. Linear Metamorphosis. Whippany, NJ. 2015.

Trolley Car. Jersey City. Sobering Linearity. 2015.

Atrium Gallery. Arts Council of Morristown, NJ. 2014 – 2015.

West Hartford Library. Noah Webster Gallery. Industrial Planes. West Hartford, Ct. 2014-2015.

The Art Factory. Building Bridges. Paterson, NJ. 2014.



  • Meaningful. Meaningless. Hogarth Biannual. Manhattan, NYC. 1.5 year exhibit 2014-2015.
  • Planes, Trains, and Automobiles, Oh My! Monmouth Museum. Lincroft, NJ. 2015.
  • Legendary Abyss. Silk Gallery. Art Factory. Paterson, NJ. 2015.
  • Eternal Glory. City Hall of Jersey City. 2015.
  • Cyberpunk. 58 Gallery. Jersey City. 2015.
  • Artist House (July). Lincoln Inn. Jersey City. 2015.
  • Artist CoffeeHouse. Lincoln Inn. Jersey City. 2015.
  • Embrace. JR Taxation. Avenel, NJ. 2015.
  • Jersey Artist Registry: Exhibition #1. The Tides Art Gallery. Hotel Tides. Asbury Park, NJ. 2015.
  • Little Wonders. LITM Gallery. Jersey City. 2015
  • My View. Maxwells. Hoboken, NJ. 2015
  • Winter Blues. Maxwells. Hoboken, NJ. 2015
  • The Seed. Chashama Gallery. Manhattan, NYC. 2014.
  • JCAI: Transcendental Downtown. The Park Foundry, Jersey City. 2014.
  • The  Sight of Music. LITM Gallery. Jersey City. 2014.
  • Two-Person Exhibition. City Hall of Jersey City.  2014.
  • Raven Art Gallery & Boutique. Jersey City. 2014.
  • Chimeras. LITM Gallery. Jersey City. 2014.
  • Fall Grand Salon Show. Greenpoint Gallery. NYC. 2014.
  • People’s Choice Salon Show. Greenpoint Gallery. NYC. 2014.
  • Spring Juried Salon Show. Greenpoint Gallery. NYC. 2014.
  • Spring Grand Salon Show. Greenpoint Gallery. NYC. 2014.
  • The Collaboration. Nelvis Studios. Elizabeth, NJ. 2014.


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