About Melchi Dompreh

Melchi Dompreh photographs, like his poetry, hope to express his heart’s sentiments and stir up emotions and feelings viewers can empathize with. Dompreh is native to Flushing, Queens, New York, but moved to Edison, New Jersey in 2004. He graduated from Middlesex Country Vocational and Technical Schools with a focus on Architecture Technology in 2013. He began to take photography seriously in March of 2016, as a way to visually express what he had written in his poems. By the end of Summer 2017, Dompreh started to work with film, and in 2019 his work began to be shared on Instagram. Dompreh is currently working on a transforming his poetic journal, ’Loud Whispers ‘to film. This work will explore the turbulent years that marked his teenage years and early adulthood, that many face. He recently was one of five artists awarded the Moment x Willem Verbeeck Grant, and his developing his own website. 

His photographs are taken in the places that are familiar to the artist. He shows us his city through his eyes and through his experiences. He gives hope to all young people that are going through difficult times always taking steps forward and pushing his own abilities to cross the limits that’s why he can truly inspire through his works. Just like his poems also his images are windows through which we can have a look to his unique world which he is showing us with a lot of care and passion. 

New Brunswick Art Salon 2021 – Photography: “Shifted Nature”

Email: melchidompreh@gmail.com

Artist Statement

To visually express my heart’s sentiments is what I am striving for through my photographs. I often write poems about how I feel and what I see. What I hope for and what I am in agony about. It all comes full circle subconsciously when I capture a moment on film. I hope that these internal expressions stirs within you feelings that you can empathize with.


2021 Group Exhibition, Moment: The Willem Creator

Artist Interview