I was born and raised in Buenos Aires, Agentina. I graduated in 2005 from Prattt Institute where I received my Masters of Fine Art. I am a painter, photogrpaher, and artist. My work has been exhibited in Metropolita cities within Latin America, North America, Europe, and Asia. In addition, my work has been shown in major fairs that include Art Basel; AAF Contemporary Art Fair New York; Centro Cultural Borges, Argentina; Dumbo New York; World Bank Art Society.


  • 2016 Solo Exhibit. Consulate of Argentina. New York, United States.
  • 2016 Pratt Institute Galleries. Brooklyn, New York. United States.
  • 2016 Marconi Gallery. Milan, Italy.
  • 2016 Collective Show in the Christ Church, Georgetown. Washington D.C, United States.
  • 2016 Group show. WaterGate Gallery. Washington DC, United States.
  • 2015 Solo Exhibit. Embassy of Argentina Gallery. Washington D.C United States. 2014 Solo. Georgetown. Washington D.C. United States 2011 Solo show. Gallery Ucema University. Art cycle 2009. Buenos Aires, Argentina.
  • 2004 Group Show. “Polvo art exchange”. Barcelona, Spain.
  • 2004 Dumbo Art Under the bridge festival. Dumba Arts collective. Group Show. Brooklyn, New York.
  • 2004 Fall Pratt Graduate Fine Arts Open Studios. Brooklyn, New York.
  • 2004 Graduate Open Studios Showing at Pratt Institute New York.
  • 2004 MFA’s Colliding Pratt Institute and NYU Showing at Pratt Institute New York. 2004 Graduate Open Studios Showing at Pratt Institute New York.
  • 2003 MFA Show: ‘Pratt Artist’s League’ Pratt Institute New York.
  • 2001 World Bank Society Annual Art Exhibit “ Reflections on a new millennium” Washington D.C.
  • 2001 Exhibition 2001, Ex2008 June Fest. Viscava Coconut Grove. Miami Fl
  • 2008 MFA Pratt Group Show. Manhattan, NY.
  • 2006 Feb. Group Show. Artsaid project Gallery. Delhi & Bangalore, India.
  • 2006 Nucleo de Arte Gallery. Group show. Argentina, Buenos Aires.
  • 2006 Concepto Gallery. Group Show. Brooklyn, NY.
  • 2006 January Art Miami Diaspora Vibe Gallery Booth. Miami Beach Convention Center.
  • 2005 Caribbean Crossroads Series. Diaspora Vibe Gallery. Miami Desing District.
  • 2005 Art Basel. Miami Beach.
  • 2005 AAFContemporary Art Fair, NYC. Pier 92.
  • 2001 Solo Showing “Dupont Circle”: Expressionist Abstraction. Washington D.C. 2001 Commission paintings – Collection of Latin American Collector Francisco de Narváez.
  • 2001 Commission Mural 15 mtrs x 5 mtrs in Nextinter Argentina S.A (Collection of Latin American Collector Francisco de Narváez). Buenos Aires, Argentina.
  • 2000 Exhibition Surcos Prize 2000. Painting,Buenos Aires, Argentina.
  • 1999 Collective Exhibition “ Taller Roberto Páez”. Buenos Aires, Argentina.


Artist Statement:

“I would like to present a series of abstract paintings that portrait my spiritual experiences and my personal transformation through the years. My work attempts to capture the depth within spirituality in relation to the world. It is about the connection between silence and mindfulness, which both have transformed my life.

I have always been a seeker. A seeker for truth and knowledge and yet living with a purpose. Questions such as “Why am I here?” and “Who am I?” have been crucial to my growth and work. At the same time, learning how to unveil the beauty and abundance of this world has been a part of this journey.”

Feel free to visit Maria’s website: mariabouquet.com


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