Marcus Glenn is a Detroit born artist whose art is highly coveted by exclusive collectors around the world. His love of art began at age five, and since then Marcus has been continuously involved in artistic endeavors. He was rewarded for his dedication with a scholarship in his teen years to the Center for Creative Studies. His use of highly saturated color s alongside expressive use of paper and fabric has created a style which invites viewers into his real m of colorful and unique imagery. He finds inspiration in his personal experience as an artist, the dialog between art and viewer, and Jazz music. His abstract style exaggerates form and emotion giving life and energy to all of his works. Marcus combines painting and sculpture in a bas-relief effect which he calls “Flat Life,” a style which he has developed for mo re than a decade. Marcus is always trying to further refine this style by enhancing his technique and taking his collages to the next level. His work has been s old in 67 different countries and his painting “One Nite Outta This World” was selected as the official art for the 56th Annual Grammy Awards held in Los Angeles in January 2014.

marcus glenn

Three Harmonizing with One. Marcus Glenn. 21 x 16. Serio, 2001.