My name is Louise Reeves and I am a photographer and graphic designer. My work has been in several galleries and shows throughout New Jersey, I have been the recipient of several awards including three Excellence Awards in the East Brunswick Arts festival as well as had my art featured in two Ovation TV commercials. In my personal life, I am the mother of college-age twins and have been married for 35 years. I write a monthly column for the online motorcycle magazine, CycleConnections, focusing on women riders and am a contributing writer for as the Newark Motorcycling columnist. I love photographing abandoned places, motorcycles and antique cars and New Jersey landscapes. My style of photography is eclectic but I enjoy processing the images in a way that brings out the beauty of the details that might not otherwise be seen. My photography and design can be seen on my website, and can be purchased at,t60LMu1YRDIbIE2sCvG5pIFMyaATemBKz6XGtuvoxvA,O8iovy4zB9QjKzepdPMM9MowheCRi2k1uNNh0wU9YH8 a94rxf5yvNCNJjtGyCxhriCqUjLKG-tD0-5hYt-b7aY eWbE7B8cIKZlJpods76siUgHhW8e-NVp2fQh_WgTfqA