About Linda Troeller

Linda Troeller is a renowned and award-winning photographer who has dedicated the majority of her artistic career to personal, women’s and social issues. Her latest work “Personal Opera” tackles subjects she has been exploring for most of her career, such as gender, humanity, emotion and aura. She has refined her ability to capture the human body, arranging the human body to best promote these questions of truth and self. Her portraits dare to delve beneath the surface and face the questions of personhood. There is no subject she will shy away from, and the confidence is palpable. She is the star of her “Personal Opera.”

New Brunswick Art Salon 2021-Photography: “Shifted Nature”


2019 “Women Photographers Today” Julia Margaret Cameron Award Exhibition, Barcelona, Spain

2018 Solo Show, “Self-Portraiture,” Griffin Museum, Winchester, MA

2018 Group Show, “Bedding Down in the East Village,” Society for Photographic Education, University of the Arts, Philadelphia, PA

2018 Group Show, “Genital Panic,” Kunsthaus, Tampa, FL

2018 Solo Show, “The Heart and Soul of the Chelsea Hotel”, iLon Gallery, NYC

2017 Solo Show, “Healing Waters and Beyond,” Watergate Gallery, Washington DC

2017 Group Show, “My Manhattan,” iLon Gallery, Manhattan, NYC

2017 Group Show, “The Big Apple, ” Laurence Miller Gallery, NYC

2016 Solo Exhibition, “The Chelsea Years,” Galerie Coup d’Oeil Art Gallery, New Orleans

2015 Group Show “The Plural I,” David-Orton Gallery, Hudson, NY

2015 Solo Exhibition ‘Healing Waters,” September 5-12 Foto Urtube Festival, Colombia

2015 Solo Exhibition “Orgasm Photographs and Interviews,” Daylight Gallery, Durham, NC

2015 Group Exhibition with 35 Sculptors, “Female Orgasm” MIETair, Beers, Netherlands

2013 Group Show: “Healing Waters,” Curator, Wolfgang Becker, Cultural Center, Aachen, Germany

2013 Solo Exhibition “Linda Troeller -Vintage Black and White,” 1970-1985, Toskanaworld, Bad Orb, Germany

2013 Solo Exhibition “Chelsea Hotel Room Installation,” Lloyd Hotel and Cultural Embassy, Amsterdam, Netherlands

2013 Group show, “Time Lapse/Identity/Self-Portraits,” Ververs Gallery, Amsterdam, Netherlands

2010 Group Show “Chelsea Hotel/Hotel Stories,” Coda Museum, Appeldorn, Netherlands

2009 Solo Exhibition, “Chelsea Hotel Atmosphere, An Artist’s Memoir,” Melkweg Galerie, Amsterdam, Netherlands

2009 Solo Exhibition, “Chelsea Hotel Atmosphere, An Artist’s Memoir,” F-Stop Photography Festival, Leipzig, Germany

2009 Solo Exhibition, “Chelsea Hotel Atmosphere, An Artist’s Memoir,” University of the Arts, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

2008 Curator, creator and editor of an exhibition for the 125 Anniversary of the Chelsea Hotel, “Chelsea Hotel Through the Eyes of Photographers,” 65 photographers from around the world who had photographed at the Chelsea Hotel participated

2007 Solo Exhibition “Apolda Fashion Design Commission Catalogues,” Apolda Museum, Centro Colombia Americana Gallery, Medellin, Colombia

2006 Solo Exhibition “Healing Waters,” BI-Z Gallery, Oslo, Norway

2006 Solo Exhibition “TB-AIDS Diary,” Image Arts Gallery, Ryerson University, Toronto, Canada

2004 Group Show “Water” Festival, L’ OEil en Seyne organized with Agence Vu, France

2004 Two-person show “Body Biography- Linda/ Lothar Troeller,” National Arts Club, NYC

2003 Solo Exhibition “Erotic Lives of Women,” Galerie am Meer, Berlin, Germany

2003 Group Show “Feminine Persuasion: Women Artists of the Kinsey Collection,” Fine Arts Gallery, Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana

2003 Group Show “Within Reach: Hope for the Global AIDS Epidemic, TB-AIDS Diary,” hosted by former President Clinton, AIDS Conference, Barcelona; Pretoria Art Museum, South Africa; and at the United Nations, NY

2002 Two-Person Show “Body Biography – Linda/ Lothar,” Galerie Stimultania, Strasbourg, France

2002 Solo Exhibition “Photo-Paintings,” Liquidrom, Berlin, Germany

2002 Group Show “Aquaria,” Landesmuseum, Linz, Austria and Kunstammlungen Museum, Chemnitz, Germany

2002 Two Person Show “Linda Troeller -TB-AIDS Diary/ Paola Ferrario- Italian Family” Art Gallery, Richard Stockton College of NJ

2000 Solo Exhibition “Erotic Lives of Women,” Galerie Fotohof, Salzburg, Austria

1999 Solo Show, “Healing Waters,” Aperture Gallery, New York

1997 Solo Exhibition “Healing Waters,” Saba Gallery, NYC

1997 Solo Exhibition “Bad und Klinik Installation,” Ludwig Forum for Internationale Kunst, Aachen, Germany

1997 Solo Exhibition “TB-AIDS Diary,” Hygiene-Museum, Dresden, Germany

1996 Group Show “Nan Goldin/ Linda Troeller Wall Projections,” Cooper Union, NY

1995 Group Show “TB-AIDS Diary Installation,” La Defense, Paris

1994 Solo Exhibition “TB-AIDS Diary,” Havana Biennial, Cuba

1992-1993 Solo Exhibition “TB-AIDS Diary,” and “Healing Waters”, Galerie Suzel Berna, Paris, France

1992 Group Show “Body and Soul,” De Cordova Museum, Mass.

1992 Solo show “TB-AIDS Diary,” Fotografie Forum International, Frankfurt, Germany

1989 Group Shows “Testimonies: TB-AIDS Diary,” Fotofest, Houston, Texas

1989 Group Show “Nan Goldin, Linda Troeller, Martin Parr, “ IV Fotobiennial Documentalismo Social Contemporáneo, Vigo, Spain


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Artist Interview