About Lihua Huang

Lihua Huang was born in a remote countryside village in China in the 1970s. Huang has always been attracted to the beauty that nature has to offer. Ever since she was a little girl, she has found herself admiring the world around her with attentive detail. As she grew older, she became not only interested in the natural beauty of the landscape that surrounds her, but also in understanding the nature of human beings themselves. Huang is interested in exploring the beauty of human emotion; happiness, sorrow, forgiveness, and gratefulness. She has now been studying classical drawing and painting under Anna Neis and Iliya Mirochnik at Princeton Academy of Art since August of 2017. Although Huang has had no prior training in art, she already feels like her artistic practice has always been a part of her, and will stay with her for the rest of her life.

Artist Statement

Although I have only begun my training in classical drawing and painting this past August, I feel that it is something I will continue to practice for the rest of my life. My work aims to capture the beauty found in nature both classical and contemporary, in conjunction with capturing the life and essence of the models who sit for me. I am working on landscapes along with perfecting my understanding of human anatomy and form.