About Judith Hummer 

I love experimenting with watercolor to evoke emotions, environments and movement. I have pushed the limits of traditional watercolor techniques to achieve very creative and unusual effects. I enjoy discovering how various everyday objects can be used to create exciting textures and passages in order to achieve my desired result. Many times I will experiment, just playing and having fun. Later, I will analyze my creation; bringing some aspect of reality from an abstract beginning. By working on a variety of subjects and utilizing a wide range of techniques, my work retains a spontaneous, energized feel. Most recently, I have been fascinated by the textural effects that can be achieved with working on YUPO paper. A challenging, slippery surface. I have had a lifelong passion for art and was introduced to watercolor as a teen and have been fascinated by it ever since. My training continues through workshops, association events, and studying books. I have been the recipient of numerous awards from various international and regional juried exhibitions. I hold signature status in Pennsylvania Watercolor Society, Philadelphia Watercolor Society, Northeast Watercolor Society, Garden State Watercolor Society and am an elected member of New Jersey Watercolor Society and Catherine Lorilard Wolfe Art Club. Currently, I am teaching watercolor and sharing my passion through classes and workshops.

New Brunswick Art Salon 2019 – Watercolor & Mixed Media: “Ephemeral Visions”

Artist Personal Website: www.judithhummer.com

Email: jhummermom@aol.com

Artist Interview