Artist Statement FlightEnigma

I create imaginary landscapes in veiled, muted colors, evoking the faded look of old color photos, prints and films. Mystical, foreboding, or whimsical, these are mystery worlds, alternate realms lurking beyond the façade of the palpable and my personal homage to the forces of nature, the clouds, cosmos and old sci-fi films! I am fascinated with creating a sense of vastness and space, faraway vistas with distant formations half seen in the clouds and mist–what could they be? Earlier I created cartoons and illustrations of urban angst in pen and ink, but over time my attention shifted to the natural world and its intangible energies, perhaps in part due to my study of tai chi chuan, or in part a desire for solace in the midst of personal loss. Whatever the source, a doorway opened to the work I do today. My principal medium is now pastel, thinly applied, and at times combined with other media including graphite, crayon, oil pastel, gouache, watercolor and acrylic. I love blues, purples, reds and greens, and rarely stray from that palette. Textured “toothy” paper can imply that dot screen look of an old magazine photo or newspaper strip, I dig it! Perhaps it was all foreshadowed when as a child my sixth grade teacher, sympathetic to my art leanings, assigned me to create an image of our solar system in color chalks across the classroom blackboard. Unfortunately no photo of the finished “masterpiece”exists, an ephemeral cosmic image in pigmented dust.