Artist Statement 

The paintings and collages that I create are inspired by an intense concern for the fragility of the natural world. They encompass feelings of darkness, loss, violence and tragedy as well as spiritual reflection and rejuvenation. I often use the image of a tree or a garden to metaphorically reveal these expressive states of being. The physical correlation of the trunk of a tree with its outstretched limbs, or how a flower reaches towards the sun, bears a striking similarity to the shape and motion of the human body. At this point in time, I believe it is essential that we stop, look, and connect closer to our natural surroundings. The very process of making a collage involves seeing beyond the obvious so to generate a physical transformation. Ordinary materials, both natural and man made, when arranged together on to a surface with paint, will only then reveal what mysteries they have been holding, both living and eternal. 

Solo Exhibitions 

2002 Oct. Sanctuary Gallery, Somerville, NJ
1987 Sept. Bridge Street Gallery, Frenchtown, NJ
1986 Dec. George Street Playhouse Gallery, New Brunswick, NJ & May. “Painted Metal”, Neither-Nor Media Center, Avenue “C”, East Village, NYC
1985 Sept. New Brunswick Cultural Center, New Brunswick, NJ

Selected Juried Exhibitions

2016 Dec. “Winter Wonders” Monmouth Museum, Lincroft, NJ
          Oct. “The Best of Times / the Worst of Times” Print Making Center of NJ, Branchburg, NJ
          July “We The People” ARC Gallery, Chicago, IL
          May “Trashed” Artworks, Trenton, NJ
          March “Art Connections” George Segal Gallery, Montclair State University, NJ
2015 Oct. “Origins” Jersey City Theater Center” Jersey City, NJ – curated by Lucy Rovetto
          Sept. “Portraits” Monmouth Museum, Lincroft, NJ
         “Earth, Air, Fire, Water” Nails in the Wall Gallery, Metuchen, NJ
           June “Industrialism II ”- The Art Factory, Paterson, NJ
          April “Issues ”- Arts Guild of New Jersey, Rahway, NJ
2014 Dec. “Body, Mind, Spirit ”- Maxwell’s Hoboken, NJ
          “The Ornament Show” Outsider Art Gallery, Frenchtown, NJ
          Oct. “Infernale” – Ritual, Ritual, Philadelphia, PA
          March 58 Gallery “Art Hunp”, Jersey City, NJ
2013 Dec. Metro 30 – City without walls gallery, Newark, NJ
          May “Industrialism I” The Art Factory, Paterson, NJ
2012 Nov “Requiem” (A passage of influence) Hamilton Street Gallery, Bound Brook
           July “Sea Life” Hamilton Street Gallery, Bound Brook, NJ
          March “Get A Job” Hamilton Street Gallery, Bound Brook, NJ
2010 Sept. “Driving without Destination” Walsh Gallery, Seton Hall University, S. Orange, NJ
          Jan. “24th International Juried Show” Visual Arts Center of New Jersey, Summit, NJ
2008 Oct. “Westinghouse Project” NJIT, Newark, NJ
          Sept. “Woman” Fusion Art Museum, 57 Stanton St. NYC
          July “It’s Not Easy” Exit Art Gallery 475 10th Ave. NYC
2007 Nov. 25 Annual Metro Show – City Without Walls, Newark, New Jersey
           Oct. “The Modified History of Downtown Newark” NJIT Newark, New Jersey
          Sept. “What the Hell is it Ethel,” Fusion Arts Museum, 57 Stanton St., NYC NY
          Sept. “Images of Peace” Albert Schweitzer Institute Gallery, Quinnipiac University, Hamden Conn.


Trans America Corp., White Plains, N.Y.; Janco Productions LTD., N.Y.C.; Emporium Capwell, San Francisco, CA.; The George Street Playhouse,
New Brunswick, NJ; Mr. and Mrs. Seigal, Short Hills, NJ; Mr. and Mrs. D. Weitz, Stockbridge, MA.: Mr. Brian Cooke, Warren, NJ; Mr. and Mrs.
Tungli-Giese, W. Orange, NJ;
Jerome Pearlman, Dayton, NJ; Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Hutchins, Cottikill, NY; Mr. Matt Gosser, Newark, NJ