About Jim McKeon

Jim McKeon is constantly inspired by those he comes across as he journeys through life. His passion for the performing arts and involvement with theatrical set design plays into how he paints his backgrounds. The simple, geometric forms are hint and movement, anticipating players on the stage of his works. The concept of the individual is at the forefront of his work, celebrating what it means to be human in each and every one of his pieces. McKeon also utilizes atypical spaces as dynamic canvases, such as hollowed out drums and old lighting fixtures, which house intricate scenes that all converse and communicate with one another. His complex creations capture the viewer’s attention and then encourage a them to think on the dramatics they see painted, as well as the ones ever present throughout daily life. 

New Brunswick Art Salon 2017 – Winners: “Introspective Concepts of Reality

New Brunswick Art Salon 2021 – Winners: “Resonant Becoming”

Artist Personal Website: jimmckeon.com

Artist Personal Email: therahwayarthive@gmail.com 

Artist Statement

Jim’s new paintings take a look at the more pressing social issues that we as a nation need to face together. Sometimes his look is critical and sometimes his look is satirical. But no matter which look you get, his work is always tinged with a sense of playfulness and an optimistic hope for the future.Jim’s most recent work is greatly influenced by his move to Durham, NC three years ago where, until recently, he lived in a converted tobacco factory. From a symbolic standpoint, the imagery of tobacco fields and the historical city icons of Durham such as the bull, loom large in his oil paintings. From a thematic standpoint, much of his work has focused on the civil rights movement, both past and present, as well as the ongoing problems of a broken immigration system.And of course, no self respecting artist could be holed up for a year during a global pandemic and not produce a few pieces that reflect the seemingly endless, second by second changing world we live in.


2020 Latinx Mural. Latinos in the Old East Durham, Durham, NC

2019 America is. Touchstone Gallery, Washington, DC

2019 Strive. D’Art Center, Norfolk, VA

2019 Art as Messenger. Cato Institute, Washington, DC

2017 Part of the Smithsonian Association of Museums. AnnMarie Sculpture Garden and Arts Center, Dowel, MA

2017 Emerging Artists. Limner Gallery Hudson, NY

2015 Paintings. Vasari Paint and Gallery, Chelsea, NY

2011-2012 Group Exhibition. NJ Arts Guild, Rahway, NJ

2010 Selected For Inclusion In Art Prize, Grand Rapids, MI


2016 Recipient of Union County, NJ Human Relations Award

2009-2010 Chosen To Serve On Rahway City Arts District Board