The bulk of Jim’s work begins and ends with his fascination of people. From the characters he comes across in his journey through life, to his love in the Performing Arts of the portrayal of what it means to be human, the celebration of the individual is front and center.

As for the figures, size is usually one of the first things viewers notice. His work is big. He purposely tries to keep the figures as close to life size as possible. He feels this helps to draw one into the setting of the painting and therefore create an experience that is more active. While the figures are rendered realistically, the backgrounds are flattened out and reduced to simplified geometrical forms, infused with a sense of movement and playfulness. This stylistic approach stems from the influence that set design and theatrical backdrops have had on his work. He continues to find it amazing how the utilization of the simplest of two dimensional renderings can be used to create the illusion of a magical, three dimensional world.

His goal as an artist is to find the uniqueness in the universal and to present it in such a way that it is open to individual interpretation and experience.