About Jesús Núñez  

Jesús Núñez demonstrates how everything coexists in a delicate balance. A careful use of color unifies the contrasts of different contours and shapes. He uses a unique acrylic brushstroke technique to maintain fluid curves attained through a single continuous motion. Every color is carefully selected for the specific piece, ensuring that they are elevated to their full potential. He began as a street artist in his native Madrid, then moved to the culinary arts. He relocated to New York, gaining more renown through restaurants, creating edible art comparable to surrealist Salvador Dali. His art is not only a reflection of his time as chef, but also an expression of his daily inspirations, all while keeping his work genuine both to his life and his process. His culinary experience informed the smooth and serpentine technique he developed, taking lessons from his plated presentations. He has been in exhibitions in New Jersey, London, and Milan, and has also been featured in Saatchi Art and the New York Times.   

New Brunswick Art Salon 2021 – Oil and Mixed Media: “Bonds Beyond Time” 


Artist’s Personal Website: https://www. jesusnunezart.com 

Email: hello@jesusnunezart.com 

Artist Statement 

Throughout the work, the artist’s goal is to demonstrate how everything you see coexists together in a delicate balance. In this way, the contrasts of different curves and shapes are united by careful use of color to give this collection a sense of wanting to be heard, to be seen, and to blur the boundaries of what constitutes art. 

The artist uses a unique acrylic brush stroke technique in which he creates these balanced curves using one continuous motion. Throughout this collection, you will see a perfect blend of colors specifically chosen by the artist to complement each piece and bring out its full potential. This technique was born out of his years of creating balanced and beautiful culinary presentations. 


2021 Cael Pipin Gallery “Habitat” Milan, Italy  

2020 Boomergallery “Colour Boom” London, Uk  

2020 Summer Arthappenings “First Annual Summer Art Expo” Summit, New Jersey