About Jennifer Malone 

Jennifer Malone contemplates empathy in each of her works, always seeking a connection with her subjects. She presents structures, figures, and objects to express their significance in the context of the moment. Her current focus is inanimate objects, her vibrant still life pieces paying careful mind to light and shadow. She preserves moments worth commemorating, considering, and lamenting over. Some works share the horror, fear, sadness, and embarrassment encapsulated in her view of the United States’ present state of affairs. Form, lines, and color emote on her behalf, resulting in a carefully planned composition where every single detail matters immeasurably. Much of her art is influenced by where she has lived, from her upbringing in New York City to her time in Philadelphia, London, Hoboken, Jersey City, and a lifetime of summers on the Shore. She has been featured in various exhibitions, largely in the New Jersey area. 

New Brunswick Art Salon 2021 – Oil and Mixed Media: “Bonds Beyond Time” 


Artist’s Personal Website: https://www.jennifermalonepaintings.com

Email: jenn.malone067@gmail.com

Artist Statement 

Jennifer’s representational, yet painterly oils reflect her contemplation of, and empathy for her subjects. She presents her structures, figures and objects in a way that expresses their significance in the context of her experience. Currently, she is exploring inanimate objects; still lifes, often vibrant with a focus on light and shadow that depict moments worth commemorating, considering, lamenting. Some of her work has been focused on her feelings about the human condition given the current state of affairs here in the States. These share horror, fear, sadness, embarrassment.  

Jennifer’s work is influenced by her upbringing in New York City, living in Philadelphia, London, Hoboken and Jersey City, a lifetime of summers at the Jersey Shore and now residing in Maplewood, NJ. She has been an avid art lover since high school. Her interest in form, design and color, with a love of light and line led Jennifer to painting. Pursuing her interest in these artistic elements provided a welcome contrast to her career in finance. Now, after over ten years of study, she is finding her voice by integrating those elements in representations and abstractions of structures, figures and still lifes. 

Jennifer has lived in Maplewood, NJ for almost 6 years, 5 miles from her previous home of 10 years in Summit, NJ. 


Studio Monclair, Womyns Werq 

    2021“Disbelief” Oil on Canvas, 11” x 14” 

Studio Montclair, Privilege, Power, and Everyday Life  

   2021 “Entitled” Oil on Canvas, 15”x”30 

Webster Arts, Open Theme Annual Ehibit  

   2021 “Enough” Oil on Canvas, 20” x 16” 

Light, Space and Time “All Women” Exhibit, 2021 

2020 “Kitchen Closed” Oil on Canvas 14”x11 

FASO Favorite 15%  

  2020 “Culinary Talent” Oil on Canvas, 16” x 20” 

Fusion Art, Quarterly Still Life Exhibition 2020 

  2020 “Jar, Bottle, Square Vase” Oil on Canvas, 12”x19 

  2020 “Summer Reading” Oil on Canvas, 16”x20” 

Studio Montclair, State of the Art 2020, 19 

Catharine Lorillard Wolfe Art Club International, Open, Juried Exhibition  

  2020  “Summer Reading” Oil on Canvas, 16” x 20” 

  2019  “Winter Shadows” Oil on Canvas, 24”x 24” 

  2018  “Red Door” Oil on Canvas, 40”x 30” 

  2017  “Late Summer Day” Oil on Canvas, 40”x 30” 

National Arts Program Featured Artist  

  2019  “Luncheon” Oil on Canvas, 20”x16” 

Open Orange, Valley Arts Annual Open Juried Exhibition 

   2019 “Still Life with Painting” Oil on Canvas 20” x 16” 

Studio Montclair,  Viewpoints, Annual International, Open, Juried Exhibition  

  2019 “Summer Reading” Oil on Canvas, 16”x20’ 

Gallery 311 – Still Life in Still Life National, Juried Exhibit 

    2019  “Kitchen Table” Oil on Canvas, 30”x24 ” and “Painting with Vase II” Oil on Canvas, 20”x 16” 

Monmouth Museum 40thAnnual International, Juried, Exhibition  

   2019  “Immigrants’ Welcome” Oil on Canvas, 24”x 30”