About Isabell Villacis 

Isabell Villacis consistently illustrates compassion and love for all people in her paintings, her writing, and her choreography. Her abstract works are populated with meticulously placed elements, each conveying a message in their own right as they work together to make a statement overall. She has tried almost every tool and material available to her, never turning down a chance to integrate something new into her pieces if they help her meaning. Even at a quick glance, the viewer can see the level of consideration put into each piece, which is animated with vivid colors and intriguing shapes. They pop and seize the viewer’s attention, longer looks encouraging deeper contemplation. In addition to being an accomplished multi-faceted artist, she is an advocate for greater inclusion of people with disabilities in the art world. She has been a member of Art Access since 2011 and has worked extensively on altering mainstream social and cultural perceptions of peoples with different levels of ability. 

New Brunswick Art Salon 2021 – Oil and Mixed Media: “Bonds Beyond Time” 

Email: isabelldrawing@gmail.com 

Artist Statement 

Isabell Villacis dances, paints, creates 3-D sculptures, and is working on a book about her life as an artist. She has been part of Arts Access since 2011, and she likes that she “can be myself, be the person I truly am.” Isabell particularly likes to create digital art and sculptures. Her writing, she says, enables her “to come out of my shell. I express a lot of my feelings in my writing.” 

Peter Giessner, Arts Access Writing Facilitator, points out that Isabell “is very attuned to what’s going on in the world. She writes about shootings, bullying, discrimination against the LGBT community. Her writing is very inspired.” It is obvious to Visual Arts Coordinator Andrew Edge that, “Isabell spends time outside Arts Access thinking about what she wants to do. Often, she will arrive with a text on her phone that she wants to incorporate into her digital painting.” 

Isabell feels “very fortunate to be part of this wonderful program. The professional team I’m working with is wonderful. They believe in me, and I believe in myself as an artist and as a person. Sometimes, I can’t find the words when I talk, so through my artwork, I create my own language. I’m very astonished at how far I’ve evolved as an artist. Art is freedom.” 

Her biggest inspiration, though, is her mother, Ana. “She motivates me to keep doing my artwork and my writing.” The greatest thing about Isabell’s participation in Arts Access, according to her mother is, “There are no limitations. Isabell can do whatever is in her mind.”