Ibou Ndoye is a Senegalese born painter who grew up surrounded by colorful textiles and a vibrant culture that has influenced his unique combination of  modernism and traditionalism. He believes in the use of art as a universal language. His art aims to use facial expressions as a way to engage society to ask questions as well as to teach, inform and awaken society.

He participated in the “Clean Up” movement of Senegal in which he decorated and painted murals, buildings. Later he found an interest in glass painting. He began to use broken pieces of glass, wire, copper, bottles, wood, animal skin bone, soda cans, plastic and different textiles to create a new effect and style.  He used modern materials and an innovative style to continue an old tradition of depicting African culture. Ibou has been shown regularly at “The Salon of Glass Painting” and he has also created glass painting workshops at the YMCA of Dakar and El Hadji Doudou Mbath Primary school. He has also taught in New England at a special needs camp and in Rhode Island as part of Urban’s Collaborative Accelerated program called “Kids at Risk”.  He currently lives in New Jersey and continues to exhibit his culture inspired works, teach and promote his unique vision and style.