About Haley Mosseri

Haley Mosseri is an upcoming artist studying at The College of New Jersey. She has striving to be an artist ever since her youth. She has tried many forms of artistic mediums, but her favorite has been painting. She usings oil when painting, and her paintings are abstract. They have a lot of strong feelings that emit from them, and will make the viewer question how it makes them feel. Her works are based on her own struggles, and she hopes that viewers will be able to connect to them with their own emotions. Mosseri has been an art instructor and photographer. She has been featured in a number of exhibitions across New Jersey, and has won awards.


2019, Album Cover of “Catharsis”, Without Words, Ewing, NJ 

2018, Art All Night, Artworks Trenton, Trenton, NJ 

2018, Member’s Exhibition, National Art Education Association, Kean University, Union, NJ 

2018, Exploration of Mediums, Ellarslie Art Museum, Trenton, NJ 

2017, Foundations Art Exhibit, The College of New Jersey, Ewing, NJ 

2016, Premier Medicine and Wellness, Bordentown, NJ 

2016, Art After Dark, The College of New Jersey, Ewing, NJ

Artist Statement

Haley Mosseri is a rising senior fine art major at The College of New Jersey currently interning at Alfa Art Gallery. As an emerging young artist, she is grateful for the opportunity to not only intern in a professional artistic environment, but also to have her paintings exhibited in this summer’s show, Respective Space. Haley has been an avid artist since childhood, and always finds a way to incorporate art into her life, whatever the medium. She enjoys drawing, sculpture, installation, performance, and photography, but her heart lies with painting. Inspired by the Abstract Expressionist movement, she began experimenting with non-objective abstraction in oil and how this style could push her concepts. Her ideas are influenced by her personal journey with mental illness and the emotions that come along with it; she wants viewers to feel immersed in her large scale works and connect the emotions being conveyed in each one to their own experience. As she says, “it’s not about what you see, it’s about how the art makes you feel”.  

Haley Mosseri’s large scale abstract oil and acrylic paintings are full of compelling colors and dynamic shapes that activate her allover compositions. She builds up texture with a palette knife by layering paint and scraping it away and uses gestural brush strokes to give raw emotion to each mark. Her pieces are influenced by her struggles with mental illness, and she wants viewers to connect the feelings conveyed in each piece to their own experience.


Email: hmosseri246@gmail.com