About Guillermo Viera

Guillermo Viera was born and brought up in Bayamon, Puerto Rico until Hurricane Maria forced him and his family to move to New Jersey. They lived in a motel for a year and were living off of scraps, but after Viera enrolled himself into Middlesex County College, his living conditions improved. He was able to bring back stability into his life. It was after Hurricane Maria that Viera began to view photography as not simply something he could do, but something he had to do. His process of photography was altered, becoming more vibrant and observational, and he also learned how to develop film and started experimenting more with editing. Viera typically uses vibrant colors, and has a minimalistic style, striving to give a feeling of serenity in his photos, from abstract works to portraits. This will be Guillermo’s first photography exhibition.

New Brunswick Art Salon 2020 – Photography: Moments of Focus

In Viera’s series, “In Here Somewhere,” blocks of bright pinks and blues contrast darker forms, both organic and rigid. This contrast, while simple, adds to the visual impact of his work. 

Artist Personal Page: www.instagram.com/gvcinema

Email: guillermovieram@gmail.com

Artist Statement

After Hurricane Maria, photography wasn’t something I could simply do, it was something I had to do. After this period of my life (in which I stopped taking photos) my photography process changed. My process was much more vibrant and observational, but after Maria I became more involved in the process. From learning how to develop film and being more experimental with my editing. But the constant characteristic of my photography is a vibrant use of colors and a minimalistic style. I strive to give a feeling of serenity in all of my photos, this feeling is displayed from my abstract work to my portraits.