About George Mattei

A New Jersey native, George Mattei is a professional photographer. He is a graduate of the School of Visual Arts in New York City. He was self-employed as an advertising photographer with clientele in the medical, food, and industrial industries photographing annual reports, ads, brochures, catalogs, and packaging. Currently he is employed as a photographer/videographer for Helen Hayes Rehabilitation Hospital in West Haverstraw, NY. Still photography and videos of patients on their journey back to wellness fills his time. In addition to his hospital position, George creates fine art photography. Living at the Jersey shore, his subjects include landscapes and seascapes. He also enjoys producing art of a more conceptual nature with its inspiration in psychology, medicine, time, and religion. George is also an avid gardener and fisherman. His work can be viewed at www.georgemattei.com.

As a resident of the New Jersey Shore, Mattei’s major and frequent subjects of interest are landscapes and seascapes. Much of his photography is produced using the High Dynamic Range technique: no single film or digital camera can reproduce a scene as well as the human eye can, so by taking 3 to 9 exposures from very light to very dark, a wider range of tones is produced, and the details that would be lost to a single exposure are preserved. 

Paradoxically, the effect of this attempt to create a greater degree of realism actually creates an almost ethereal, surreal effect, as the still images in front of us look too beautiful and bold to exist in the real world. In this way, Mattei’s photographs seem to transcend the beauty of realistic vision and are elevated to something out of a dream. 

Artists Statement

Currently most of my photography is produced using HDR or the High Dynamic Range technique. No film or digital camera can reproduce a scene as well as your eyes can, so by taking 3 to 9 exposures from very light to very dark, you can capture a wide range of tones which would be lost using 1 exposure. It is a slow process that must be done on a tripod but it forces you to really explore a scene before committing to the photo. I use software engineered to combine all the images captured and produce one image with the best of all the exposures.

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Artist Personal Website: www.georgemattei.com

Email: george@georgemattei.com