I was a hard-core athlete all my life before I began painting. I gained my artistic ability after I was severely sick and injured. The idea behind my style of artwork came from a dream I had during one of the worst nights I have experienced during my illness. I started doing commissions in the beginning mostly for people’s homes. I then began doing commissions for restaurants, doctor’s offices, and salons. Now, I am having solo shows in New York City.  

I began painting as a way of therapy because I suffered a severe spinal injury and got sick from an autoimmune disease. I spent several years alone and at one point, I was in a wheelchair due to my illness and injury. I began dreaming of a mystical world full of magical and mystical creatures that possessed great healing power. I began painting my dreams and it became the only thing I could do to escape my horrible symptoms. All of my paintings tell such amazing stories about battling and being strong through very difficult times.   


Past Shows:

9/19/15Home Studio Show Union Beach, NJ

10/17/15Home Studio Show Union Beach, NJ

3/13/16 – 6/26/16 Dop Dop Soho, New York, NY

5/21/16- 5/22/16 Drew’s Bayshore Bistro Keyport, NJ

Education: Brookdale Community College


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