Artist’s Statement   

Since I work on the subject of figurative art in the world of contemporary art, I often ask myself “Why am I doing this? The best times of art are gone and everything has already been created. Now is the time of conceptual art”.

First of all, I do it because I like it. I love art, I love painting, and I don’t see myself without it.

We don’t view a contemporary artist just with a brush and paint tubes anymore. Most of contemporary art objects are conceptual and reflect social problems that are, certainly, important and deserve much attention. However, for me, art is also a way to convey a mood, an atmosphere, feelings.
Nobody would doubt an actuality of a human language. Times change, new ideas arise, but we still use the same language to express those ideas. (the structure of the languages remains unchangeable). Similarly, art is a language that we use to express our ideas, thoughts and feelings and it can certainly be done with basic traditional materials.

Traditional approach does not impose any restrictions on the author as someone may think. In contrary, it encourages artists to sharpen technics and look for new ideas. (The world is huge and full of surprises)

For me art is also a powerful stimulant as well as a way to keep valuable memories.

I keep painting things which I was interested since my childhood – landscapes, boats, houses, simple objects… I see my subjects everywhere, – in the sky, in trees, in a cracked paint on a wall. I look at those objects from different points and hope to capture a magic of natural simplicity.
As an artist I am always interested in correlation between my own (unique) vision, emotions and paint technics. Every painting becomes a playing experiment which allows me to discover myself and the world.