About Eric Reid 

Eric Reid redefines the connections between mediums, employing unorthodox materials to create masterful works. His series “Textured” prioritizes form over color, playing with the boundaries between what constitutes ‘painting’ and what compromises ‘sculpture’. Crackle paste, vinyl spackling, and joint tape are used alongside more traditional acrylics and charcoal. The grayscale palette keeps viewers focused on the patterns; every work is centered on its study of material complexity. The series itself is a line of questioning, asking the viewer how they see the work, what they consider it, and what each texture inspires in as they gaze upon it. The precise focus of the series gives viewers a chance to fully contemplate what is in front of them without distractions. A Deputy Attorney General in Trenton, he has experimented with art since his law school days, proving himself accomplished both in the legal field and the artistic domain. 

New Brunswick Art Salon 2021 – Oil and Mixed Media: “Bonds Beyond Time” 

Email: eareid20@gmail.com 

Artists Statement 

An emerging artist, Eric began painting while in law school. His work explores the use of unorthodox mediums such as joint tape and spackling to create complex and flowing patterns. His “Textured” series focuses on the use of form over color and playing with the boundaries between painting and sculpture.