Artist Statment 


“I am inspired by the interplay of opposites in the world; the energy enriching everything. Finding the human aspect in his polarity, our inner growth and awareness, is the main focus of my work. My paintings are fables with hidden symbolic messages. 

Utilizing flowing authentic lines, I cultivate color and surface plasticity upon the canvas. While passion drove me to master various techniques and genres, I discovered “The Experient” as the main method of my work.

I aim to share my experience of beauty with others, to connect and touch another soul through wholeness beyond words. The harmony and depth permeating my art oppose the superficiality prevalent in our world. 

My paintings are an invitation for us to open our hearts to light, hope and love.”

-Elza Artamontzeva


New Brunswick Art Salon – Watercolor and Mixed Media “After the Charm: In the Name of Autumn” Exhibition 


1986 Master’s Degree in Monumental Art, National Art Academy, Sofia

2014 Master’s Degree in Art Education, National Art Academy, Sofia

Solo Exhibitions

2020 Balance | A Kunstwerk Galler, Bad Tabarz, Germany 

2013 Silence in Being | S.U.S.I., Berlin, Germany 

2012 In the Labyrinth of Imagination | Center for Integration and Immigration, Erfurt, Germany 

2006 Drawings and Prints | Universum Gallery, Varna, Bulgaria

2000 Cycles | Stulbata Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria 

1999 Painting | Bulgarian Cultural Institute, Budapest, Hungary

1997 Gilgamesch Epos Paintings | Ata-Ray Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria

1997 Drawings | Gallery 2000, Prague, Czech Republic 

1997 Sacrifice | Ata-Ray Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria 

1996 Paintings | Suzuki Showroom, Budapest, Hungary

1995 Paintings | Hotel Park Der Westerwald Treff, Bonn, Germany 

1995 Collage | Lessedra Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria

1995 Paintings | Kempinski Intercontinental Hotel, Sofia, Bulgaria

1994 Jazz Portraits | Phoenix Jazz Club, Sofia, Bulgaria

1994 Paintings | Germany Embassy, Sofia, Bulgaria

1993 Transcendence in the Form | Lessedra Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria 

1991 Facets of Innovation | Honda Showroom, Sofia, Bulgaria

1998 Monumental Art in the Organization of Environment | Public Space Projects, Ljulin Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria

Group Exhibition 

2019 Parallax Art Fair, London, United Kingdom

2017 VBKth Gallery, Erfurt, Germany 

2017 Monumental Art Competition, State Library, Erfurt, Germany 

2015 Monumental Art Competition, Botho-Graef Price, Jena, Germany 

2014 VBKth Gallery, Erfurt, DE

2007 Drawings | Artamontzev Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria 

1999 Tenth International Print Biennale, Varna, Bulgaria 

1995 Plus & Minus | Schipka 6 Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria 

1992 10*10*10 | Schipka 6 Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria 

1990 End of Evolution | Schipka 6 Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria

Installation and Performance 

1997 Tantra | Installation and Performance, Expansio Festival, Vac, Hungary

1997 Sacrifice | Performance, Ata-Ray Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria

1996 Kali | Performance, Expansio Festival, Vac, Hungary 

1996 Black & White | Installation, State Library, Sofia, Bulgaria

1994 Ecotopia Happening | Saint Jiron, France

1992 Madame Katons Castle | Installation, Lessedar Galler, Sofia, Bulgaria

1992 Iconostasis | Installation, State Gallery, Pazargik, Bulgaria 

1991 The Bird | Installation, Universiada Hall, Sofia, Bulgaria 

1990 Evolution and Involution | Old Beer Factory, Sofia, Bulgaria 

Monumental Art 

2019 Stone Garden | Concept and Mosaic, Private Project, Germany

2018 Mosaic 1.2 m² | Conference Room, Private Project, Germany 

2016 Mosaic 3 m² | Restaurant, Private Project, Germany 

2015 Mosaic 3.5 m² | Japanese Tree, Private Project, Germany 

2008 Glass Painting 2 m² | Private Project, Sofia, Bulgaria 

2007 Floor Mosaic 3.8 m² | Private Project, Sofia, Bulgaria 

2004 Fresco-secco 16 m² | Private Project, Germany 

2004 Mosaic 6 m² | Private Project, Germany

2004 Facade Mocaic 16 m² | Private Project, Bulgaria

2004 Fresco-secco 18 m²  | Travel Burro, Sofia, Bulgaria

2003 Fresco-secco 1.5 m² | Dragon, Universum Esoteric Shop, Varna Bulgaria

2003 Mosaic 6.5 m² | Universum Esoteric Shop, Varna, Bulgaria

2002 Fresco-secco 12 m² | Office Building, Universum Trust, Varna, Bulgaria 

2002 Glass Painting 1 m² | Universum Meditation Room, Varna, Bulgaria

2002 Glass Painting 1 m² | Universum Restaurant, Varna, Bulgaria 

1996 Glass Painting 3 m² | Book Store, Sliven, Bulgaria

1991 Fresco-secco 24 m² | School of Natural Sciences, Dimitrovgrad, Bulgaria

1991 Ceramic Wall 18 m² | Night Club, Dimitrovgrad, Bulgaria

1990 Fresco-secco 100 m² | Hotel – Restaurant, Primorsko, Bulgaria

1987 Fresco-secco 20 m² | Conference Room Entry, Provadia, Bulgaria

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