About Elizabeth Amaral 

Elizabeth Amaral is a New Jersey born artist. She has been an artist since youth, and always wanted to create works. Amaral has a focus of imagination and creativity in her work. Amaral’s paintings are beautifully painted and have lovely color composition. She scrapes the paint on the canvas and uses abstract backgrounds with layering. You can see a lot of green and blue in her art with many lines reminiscent of stained glass windows. The pieces are dream like, or fairy-tale like, and make you feel a sense of whimsy. She never plans before she paints, and started doing it with no preemptive. She has appeared in many shows.

New Brunswick Art Salon 2019 – All Media: “Respective Spaces”

Artist Personal Website: https://lizamaral.artspan.com

Email: lizamaraltheartist@gmail.com

Artist Statement

like to create an abstract background by layering different colors together in many directions. I mostly use a rubber tool to gently scrape the paint onto the canvas.  I then reach a point where the background is to my liking and then I proceed with a design with the use of an ink brush pen or an acrylic paint pen. I love drawing trees and I love adding a feminine shape to my paintings. I also will often have a spiritual touch to my work. All of my intricate designs are intuitively produced and are never planned out. There are different elements that I personally admire in my artwork, but I mostly like to stimulate the viewer’s imagination through my designs and choice of colors. 


Individual Shows:  

2013- Trenton Social, Trenton, NJ 

2014- Infiniti-Tea Café, Princeton, NJ 

2015- Infiniti-Tea Café, Princeton, NJ 

2018- Hudson Coffee, Hoboken, NJ 

2019 Tiger Labs, Princeton, NJ 

2019- Epcot Event, College of NJ, Ewing, NJ 


Collaborative shows: 

2013– 219 Gallery, Trenton, NJ 

2014- 219 Gallery, Trenton NJ 

2016- Common Threads- Hopewell Valley Vineyards, Hopewell, NJ 

2017- Common Threads- Hopewell Valley Vineyards, Hopewell, NJ 

2018- Common Threads- Hopewell Valley Vineyards, Hopewell, NJ 

2018- Mill Hill Saloon, Trenton, NJ 

Artist Interview