About Doug Rizio

Doug Rizio is a graphic designer and web designer, but also an artist. He has his BA in Visual Arts from Rutgers University. His works have a mythical but technical aspect to them. He combines fantasy with virtuality, and is a true sight to marvel at. Colors are very vibrant, and the bright colors clash with the darker colors to make them pop out. Lighting affects the view of the painting how you perceive them. He has also curated other exhibitions.


1/2019 – “Respective Space” – NBAS All Media Including Sculpture Exhibition

1/2019 – Sightings” – Alfa Art Gallery, New Brunswick NJ 

11/2018 – Transfiguration of the Form” – Alfa Art Gallery, New Brunswick NJ 

10/2018 – Dark Arts Party” – Above Art Studios, New Brunswick NJ 

9/2018 – Lifes Colors” – Inspire Art Gallery, Dunellen NJ 

7/2018 – Endless Summer” – Inspire Art Gallery, Dunellen NJ

6/2018 – Visceral and Visionary” – Alfa Art Gallery, New Brunswick NJ

5/2018 – The Art of Texture” – Tiger Art Supply, Highland Park NJ 

2/2018 – The Art of Color” – Blank Space, Highland Park NJ  

12/2017 – The Art of Light” – Blank Space, Highland Park NJ 

Artist Statement

Doug Rizio is an artist and art curator based in New Brunswick, NJ. He has a background in graphic and web design and is also trained in photography, videography, and animation. 

Inspired by glitch art, pixel graphics, and computer programs, he uses his knowledge of technology and his experience with traditional artistic techniques to make drawings, paintings and multimedia creations that resemble digital images or integrate electronic components such as blacklights, LEDs and circuits.  

His primary project, Glitchcraft,” is a science fiction/fantasy art series and upcoming webcomic about magic and machines. 

Email: dougrizio@gmail.com

Website: instagram.com/dougrizio

“Respective Space” – NBAS All Media Including Sculpture Exhibition

“Close to Home” – New Brunswick Art Salon 2023 – Oils, Sculpture and Mixed Media