About Dot Bunn

Dot Bunn started painting full time in 2003, maintaining Red Stone Farm Studio. She finds inspiration from the old master paintings found in museums and adds a modern color sense. In 2007, Dot began to study with Myron Barstone at Barstone Studios. Under the guidance of her mentor, she learned the great potential to which the understanding of color and composition can reach. She now continues to gain knowledge of painting by working with distinguished artists through private study and workshops. Dot Bunn is an elected member of Allied Artists of America and American Artists Professional League. 

New Brunswick Art Salon 2017 – Oil and Mixed Media: “Introspective Concepts of Reality”  

Artist’s Website: www.dotbunn.com

Artist Statement 

Surely the gift of being creative is a wonderful thing but my talent comes from hard work and discipline. The final painting that leaves my easel has a carefully chose composition and color harmony that guides my choices throughout the process. Although I have my favorites when it comes to subject matter it is not objects that I strive to paint but the essence of light that surrounds and washes over them. 

No place feels more natural to me than being in my studio. Each oil painting is a unique experience. First there is inspiration from something you see or something you dream. Then you work to grow the seed of an idea through drawing and redrawing till you begin to capture what it was that excited you. You are making a visual poem about your life experience. The smell of oil and the beauty of colors on the palette are like old friends encouraging you to do your best. Every painting is a process of discovery and through discovery we move forward. There is no such thing as having learned all there is to learn about making art.