With her surreal photography, Dorothea Komitska aims to transport viewers to her magical “Excalibur,” her “palace” of poetry, beauty and dreams. Her photographs challenge viewers to challenge their perception of reality and “embark on the dance of the elements between the sky and the earth.”

Only through breaking free from the constraints of daily life can one feel the “wisdom” of eternity, explains Komitska. Her photographs blend recognizable elements in unexpected ways, such that her pieces often give the allusion of a dream. Not just any dream – but the “carnival of the dreams,” as Komitska calls it. The vivid colors of her photographs induce a trancelike sensation that does not fade as effortlessly as the hazy fading her simultaneously exposed images.

Komitska invites her fellow dreamers to take her hand and set forth on her journey, both visually and emotionally.