About Deena S. Ball 

Born in California, Deena was mostly raised in New England, studying fine arts and biology at Colby University in Maine. After that, she completed her post-graduate studies at the Tyler School of Art and Architecture, as well as the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts.  

Her background in biology is very apparent in her watercolor paintings. She paints mostly landscapes, and often paints them en plein air, focusing on subtleties in light and color, similar to the Impressionists. However, her intention is somewhat different from theirs, which was concerned more with the mechanics of the eye and sight. While Deena is certainly continuing that exploration, she approaches the subject with more interest in the landscape itself, and is interested in creating art not just for art itself or her own enjoyment, but also to spread appreciation for nature.  

As an extension of these combined interests, Deena currently teaches a variety of media, with an explicit goal to make art accessible. She teaches children and adult classes, people with disabilities, and underprivileged youths.  

New Brunswick Art Salon 2019 – Watercolor & Mixed Media: “Ephemeral Visions”

Deena’s love of nature, science, and art come together when she paints outside. She is a student of nature who is constantly amazed at the natural world. She paints to help others see, respect, and conserve the beauty in our natural world. 

Artist Personal Website: www.deenasball.com

Artist Interview