About David Derr

Humanity is composed of creative explorers and symbol makers. We have been this way since the beginnings of our existence as a race and before. This is the cornerstone of what it is to be a thinking human being. 

My goal has always been to create works that contain the essences of good poetry. A balance of opposites, in a style that is recognizable, yet not necessarily realistic. I find the most effective way of doing this is by using a pseudo primitive style which on the surface seems simple, but in reality resonates deeper emotions. 

My studies of children’s and primitive art, as well as symbols, have led me to the conclusion that these types of images speak on a deeper level that completely realistic images. Somehow they reach beyond the surface and touch the very essence of the object represented evoking meanings and emotions that reside deep in our minds and bodies. The use of this type of content allows me to create pieces that contain layers of meaning, meaning which is integral to lasting art.

Content is very important, and by content I don’t mean the objects in a painting but the meaning behind them. I fill each piece with subjects form music, dance, myths, mysticism, science and everyday life. I create pieces that will have the ability to have a lasting conversation with the collector and the public. A conversation that can take different and unexpected directions from my original intention. Do my works tell a story….yes, but I will never completely know or be able to tell what that story is, for when a work leaves my hand it takes on a life of its own, creating a conversation that is between it and the viewer, each of which brings their own mysteries. 



Selected Exibitions 

The Moon Arc (lunar lander), Carnegie Mellon & Google 5th International Festival of NanoArt, Heraklion, Greece 4th International Festival of NanoArt, San Sebastian, Spain New Jersey Symphony Orchestra Painted Violin 

2nd International Festival of NanoArt, Stuttgart, Germany Fairleigh Dickinson University, Madison, NJ 

Monkdogz Gallery, Chelsea, NY, NY ADP Corp. Center, Roseland, NJ 

European Council of International Schools, Nice, France Berlex Labs Corp. Centers, Wayne and Montville, NScheringPlough Corp. Center, Madison, NJ 

Nabisco Corp. Center, Hanover, NJ 

Union Camp Corp. Headquarters, Wayne, NMorris Museum, Morristown, NJ 

Bergen Museum of Arts & Sciences, Paramus, NPaterson, Museum, Paterson, NJ 

Pace University, New York, NY Seton Hall Law School, Newark, NJ 

Fairleigh Dickinson University, Hackensack, NInternational Digital Open, London, UK 

About Vision, London, UK 

Once in a Blue Moon, Studio 4 West, Piermont, NY Space 4 Gallery, Chelsea, NY 

Pliedes Gallery 16th Annual Juried Exhibition 

Juror Ivan Karp, OK Harris Gallery 

44th Annual Art of the Northeast USA, Silvermine, New Canaan CT 

Juror: Holly Soloman, Soloman Gallery, NY, NY 

Art Expo, New York, NY 

Childrens Specialized Hospital, Westfield, NNY Theological Seminary, NY, NY 

Pandora’s Box, Williams Center for the Arts 



Daily Record (Feature Article 2015) DY Magazine 

NY Arts 

Gallery and Studio Magazine Beatles Art, Boxagami Books, 

Eunomia, Australian Senate Newsletter Photoshop User, 

Digital Fine Arts Magazine Branches Quarterly Moondance.org 

NY Times 

Verizon Fios (Feature on Play/Pause) 


Selected Awards 

Adobe Digital Imaging Competition, HR Refocus Now, 1st Place 

Int’l. Digital Mural Competition, 2nd Place NY Art Director’s Club, HR 

Northeast Art Festival, Winners Circle Janus: God of the Doorway, 1st Place 

Double Visions, Best in Show and 2nd Place 


Collections (Partial List) 

Mr. David Briskin, Conductor, NY, NY 

Mr. Jeffrey Bolton, N&B Investments, NY, NY 

Ms. Cynthia LibbyJohnson, Center for Food Action, NMr. Victor Lirio &Mr. Bryce Goodwin, NY, NY 

Dr. Robert Logan, DMD, Kinnelon, NJ 

Mr. Brett Schundler, former Mayor Jersey City, NMr. Dan Sheldon, NCY, NY 

Ms. Maryann Wentworth, Boonton Township, NJ Rutherford, NJ


Email: david@d2studios.com